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  • Beatboxing And The Saxophone: Music Analysis

    introduction to Go-Go, we were then given an introduction to Nistha Raj. She is a Hindustani Classical performer who studied under some of the most famous Hindu performers. We were given a very dull introduction to Hindu music with a night raga. It was not as long as I was expecting, but it was definitely interesting to hear something such as classical Hindu music being played by non-traditional Indian instruments. The only actual Indian instrument there was the drums, which was the Tabla and the wedding drum. I call it the wedding drum, that’s typically when it shows up. It’s the double headed drum played with the two wooden sticks. The raga was quite typical of what a raga would consist of. Almost everything that was covered in class could be found in her introduction piece. The melody, Rhythm, Form, timbre were all there. All components were very typical of Hindu classical from the north. The only thing that was strange was the instruments which consisted of a violin, Saxophone, and a flute. The overall performance was nothing really special. I did not find anything about the performance that was particularly interesting except for the solo beatboxing. The concert was a mash-up of the two styles but it honestly did not sound that way. The styles of music would alternate each piece. One would have all the instruments following the typical rules of Go-go, and the next would be more catered toward Hindustani classical. Each would conform to the others style for that short…

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  • Republic Of India Case Study

    Policies dividing states already troubled by discrimination and gross systemic inequality are perplexing and illogical, more so in countries already plagued by multiple types of division. A special case of this type of rule is the Republic of India, in which the country is divided politically as the cause of different regions taking on different identities through the recognition of multiple languages as being national. This has led to many regions institutionally standardizing different…

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  • The Use Of Language In Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    The use of proper language, a skill so difficult to learn, but when mastered, reaps a great deal of power. As hyperbolic as it sounds, incorporating proper language in our writing and speaking can be very influential in advocating ideas towards a community. “As a speaker, [you] have some influence on the extent to which others see you as having authority (Smith 13). To gain authority over an audience, one must write and speak with confidence, to be skilled enough to use proper grammar, complex…

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  • Aria A Memoir Of A Bilingual Childhood By Richard Rodriguez Analysis

    other words his second language. Rodriguez also claims that because his original language is not the same as the “public” language, he is unable to create intimacy with someone who speaks a different language other than the public one. Lastly, he claims the use of a native language is impossible to have coexist with the “public” language. “It is not possible for a child, any child, ever to use his family’s language in school” (Rodriguez 448). Rodriguez uses his own personal experience to…

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  • The Importance Of Language In Literature

    They had a great impact into the students’ language in a 6 month. They had the teacher go through training in linguistics and they had the students pick as many books as possible. The teachers learn mostly in psycholinguistics then social linguistics to integrate books for students. This skills were introduced into literature so that students could see the proper way that English should be written. They would use theory of learning about how modeling of English in literature would assist…

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  • Research Paper On Beginner Level Young Learners

    I know all the vocabulary I teach should be useful for learners. In general, time should be spent on high frequency words or words that fill a language need that the learners have. (Nation & Newton, 1997) As Camaron (2001) explains young learners of a second/foreign language are still building their first language vocabulary, which is tied up their contextual development. That’s why the number of the vocabulary I teach in a lesson is also important. Approximately three to five words should be…

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  • Examples Of Narrative Report Special Classroom Teacher

    mil which mean milk and bro which mean brother. He uses the sign language to ask for his needs and when he at the song time. He does not share playing with his friends. He uses to play alone more than…

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  • Hosea Chapter 3: 1-5 Summary

    5. The Context of the Text The Longman Contemporary English Dictionary describes the term context as the situation, events, or information that are related to something, and that help one to understand it better. By establishing the immediate and remote contexts of the Text under study, we shall be able to remain relevant to the intended set up of the text. 5.1 Immediate Context In his own personal testimony, the prophet Hosea recounts his vocation to renew his efforts in loving a woman. The…

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  • Essay On Constructivist Classroom

    Constructivist Classroom Scenario Essay If one were to see the word Constructivist and try to tear it apart, they may get lost in the word. First, they would see the verb construct. It is understood construct means to build. They may also see the adjective constructive. This could be like constructive criticism in which we are building off of the advice of others. Then, we know that any word with ist at the end means “one who”. When put together, we see one who builds or one who builds off of…

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  • Emergent Literacy Skills

    Incorporating intentional teaching strategies into the program can also help further these skills. Intentional teaching is described as deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful and educators identify learning happens during social interactions and contexts (DEEWR, 2009, p. 15). The educator's role in intentional teaching is to provide an environment that is rich in materials and interactions that leads to decision making, problem solving and risk taking (Conner, 2010). This builds children's oral…

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