Essay On Stonehenge Memorial

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The memorial drawn is one that is dedicated to myself and myself alone as it does not have any family or heritage ties related to it. It is a a memorial that is designed in accordance to Stonehenge, but it has been tweaked slightly and a few things added to it such as an ascending stairway. I chose to use Stonehenge as the base design due to the beauty I find from the actual Stonehenge structure and the amazing nature of its formation. I find it extradoinary that people were able to move and place these huge blocks of stone in such a wonderful manner in such a primitive time.
The memorial itself as stated before is dedicated to myself. It is not meant to portray any accomplishments from my life, but it is designed for the asetheticly pleasing look. It is just meant to show the beauty of the architecture and meant to portray a unique atmosphere in general. It will not say anything about the kind of person I was or the kind of life I led. The form and decoration used for the tomb will not be meant to communicate a specific message that is meant to be left behind. It will have one message
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Aside from this no other concept are integrated into my memorial. For instance, religion is not tied into this memorial as at this stage of my life I do not find myself to be religious what so ever. Other conecepts that are not meant to be displayed are shelter and food. Regardless of if I had power in my life or not, there is still a sense of power when viewing this memorial due to its size alone, but also that this large structure surronds my buried body in a sacrophagus at the center of it. One may view it and think because of the unique nature of it that the person buried there would have to have power in order to be apart of something like this. The overall meaning of this memorial is not intended to have one. It is just meant to be something that is unique and

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