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  • Monument Symbols

    draft - There are many contrastive directions to go in when it comes to monuments, Considering the fact that it represents the deep sacrifice and pays homage to one’s family. Monuments symbolizes a person’s life and celebrates how successful they were as an individual. Monuments are symbol’s because it is put in a valued place and can sometimes last forever. It’s important that you carefully pick the place, a way to get money , and the statues. Due to the fact the place is such a prime part in putting together a monument , involve the person’s family, supporters or the people’s opinion. “ Public monuments, by contrast, offer an anachronistic experience: a face-to-face encounter in a specially…

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  • Why Are Monuments Important

    Monuments are built all the time for a plethora of events and for historically important people. These memorials take years to build and cost an arm and a leg to design and construct (Roadside America). For something that takes as much time, dedication, and cash as a monument does, certain things need to be taken seriously into consideration. When building a monument, people should pay close attention to the strategic placement and specific design of the memorial. If these are not given careful…

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  • Monuments And Memorial Essay

    Monuments and memorials are key to acknowledging and paying respect to the past. They provide honor to great achievements and pay homage to the sacrifice of people. Monuments are vital to society. Since they admire great achievements, educate society on past events, and inspire individuals to imprint their own footsteps in history. Though, monuments mean to respect figures of the past, many designers make the mistake of creating a monument not worthy of the important figures imprint in humanity.…

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  • Prison Ship Martyrs Monument Essay

    A monument is a place or thing that denotes the persistency of a cloud of symbolic significance over an event that occurred in the past. The Prison Ship Martyrs Monument was erected on the 14th of November 1908 by the sculptor Adolph Alexander Weinman and the architect Stanford White. It is an affable monument located in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York that commemorates the lives of 11,500 Americans who were imprisoned by the British during the American Revolution and died egregiously…

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  • Neolithic Monuments

    Over the years, as humans we have constantly built monuments and structures with different purposes. I am going to concentrate on why monuments such as Stonehenge and Avebury may have been built, and how they may have been used in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, when these monuments were often built in clusters of similar topographic location (Richards 1996, 190). I am going to explore the possibilities of their social, religious and scientific purpose. To do this, I will analyse a variety…

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  • Essay On Stonehenge Memorial

    The memorial drawn is one that is dedicated to myself and myself alone as it does not have any family or heritage ties related to it. It is a a memorial that is designed in accordance to Stonehenge, but it has been tweaked slightly and a few things added to it such as an ascending stairway. I chose to use Stonehenge as the base design due to the beauty I find from the actual Stonehenge structure and the amazing nature of its formation. I find it extradoinary that people were able to move and…

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  • The Importance Of A Memorial

    To memorialize something is to put it down as something that you will see and by seeing it you will remember something. It could be an alarm telling you to get up, or a bench placed by a lake in memory of the man who cleaned the lake for Most of their life. A memorial can be anything; but what it stands for is something that is of importance. What the memorial stands for could be a dog sled team that saved a town of sick children, or a great chief of an indian tribe. We memorialize many things…

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  • Buddha's Monuments

    I am writing to express my support for the construction of a monument in the honor of Buddha. Buddhas are those who can obtain total freedom and wisdom of life and death [ Life of the Buddha XII. 91-99 ]. There are multiple Buddhas that have and do exist. All of the Buddhas that have existed are equally as important as the next. Originally known as Siddhartha Gautama the commencing Buddha’s destiny is to be a light of knowledge to end the dark illusions of the world [ Life of the Buddha I . 74…

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  • Boston Massacre Monument

    The monument I would create is in Boston, Massachusetts, which is a historically rich city, but I would create a monument to one specific event named the Boston Massacre. This is a significant event in the history of United States, where British troops murdered some Americans after they formed a mob. This partly led up to the Revolutionary War where America fought Britain. This monument would be made of dolomitic marble. It would contain a 20 x 20 replication of Paul Revere’s engraving of…

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  • Dbq Monument Analysis

    When remembering someone, there is a lot of things that have to be put into prospect. You cannot just go into something thinking that you can wing it, because after high school that doesn't really work. Monuments honor the dead and the achievements that were often done while in their lifetime and that have to do with the sacrifices that they had to make. There are three main factors that go into play when making a monument for the remembered. The location, size and materials put into it. You…

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