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  • Founding Fathers Case Study

    So when Shays’s rebellion took place, a rebellion that ended in doubters believing that reform was necessary, the founding Fathers decided that they wanted to create a senate that would make decisions for the people because the people were too indecisive and inconsistent to make their own decisions. This rebellion was when the Western Farmers decided that they wouldn’t pay taxes. They armed themselves and rallied outside the courthouses. Though they stopped many from entering the court houses, numerous were arrested and some were hung. George Washington is relieved when this rebellion is over but says “Surely Shays must be either a weak man, the dupe of some characters who are yet behind the curtain, or has been deceived by his followers” (George Washington on Shay’s Rebellion). In contrast with Roche’s assertion that the senate provided equal representation, Zinn believed there was unequal representation because there was more power in fewer hands. Throughout changing the Constitution, the Founding Fathers decided to put more constraints on the people with the sedition acts after the Constitution was passed. This put a restraint on the freedom of speech that is required for a democracy and protected by the first amendment. The sedition acts severely limited the ability of…

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  • The Surveillance Cameras In 1984 By George Orwell's 1984

    For decades, the world’s many governments have regarded safety as a high-ranked priority for their countries and their citizens, especially the American government. Though some high officials place freedom above safety, they realize that safety must be achieved before the average citizen approaches the concept of acquiring freedom. H.L. Mencken states that the average citizen will choose safety over freedom. The average citizen can be defined as a person who would rather put his safety before…

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  • Washington D. C Population Density Map

    This map of population density map of Washington D.C. allows us to directly see the areas of the city that are more populated, in the core, and the areas that are less populated, along the periphery. Unlike the most common maps of the city of Washington D.C., we can see more than just town names and highways. From the map we can see where people are living, and the roads and highways all lead to this centered dense population. This paper will not only describe this map of Washington D.C. and…

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  • Mr Smith Goes To Washington Analysis

    The Lincoln Monument, the Capital, Mount Vernon. These are places that are featured in the patriotic movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. This movie was released in 1939 and was directed by Frank Capra. Jimmy Stewart starred as the title character, Jefferson Smith and Jean Arthur played Smith’s sarcastic, but kind-hearted secretary, Clarissa Sanders. “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” uses filmic devices and a thoughtful script to showcase the concept of civic religion by illustrating the gods,…

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  • Watergate Scandal Essay

    Presidential scandals affect the entire nation. While some are particularly worse than others, they can also help implement change in things that will make the nation grow stronger. For example, the election of 1876 with former president Rutherford B. Hayes helped the country understand how a president is elected into office and clarified the confusion between the importance of popular vote and electoral vote, which greatly impacted Washington D.C. However, there are other presidential scandals…

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  • The Right To Bear Arms Case Study

    In two major instances states or cities have banned handguns in an effort to alleviate violence, and were challenged by United States citizens in a Supreme Court of Law. In the case Washington D.C. vs. Heller, the firearms control regulations act of 1975 banned handguns within Washington D.C., a Federal Enclave, because in the 1970’s the city was the murder capital of the United States. Handguns were not to be sold or possessed within the D.C. area, until in 2008 when Heller challenged the law…

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  • 9/11 Crash Essay

    The terrorists hijacked smaller airplanes so the passengers wouldn’t try to take the plane back. It was about 9:28 a.m., the flight was over Pennsylvania and it was easing closer to New Jersey when the terrorists took over the cockpit. They turned the plane southeast so it was now headed for Washington D.C.. The passengers were herded to the back over the plane by the remaining hijackers. The passengers started making calls to report the hijackers but they oon learned that there were 3 other…

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  • How Did Marian Anderson Influence Society

    However, this is a white organization meaning black African Americans are not able to be apart of it. Marian Anderson 's connection between this organization is her decline at performing in one of Washington 's most prestigious venue. The constitutional Hall in Washington D.C was the headquarters for this organization and…

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  • Hunger Games Book Theme Essay

    trilogy of the Hunger games, followed with The Catching Fire and The Mockingjay. This novel written with Katniss as the main character and she narrates the whole story. In this essay, I will talk about the theme colonization in all districts. This theme is needed because it is a part of the novel that tells us how the district people feel suffered every day because of the starving and they have been living with a feeling of fear to get killed because of the dictatorship that has been run in all…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Killing Lincoln By Bill O Reilly

    to the eventual defeat of the Confederates, and the surrender of Robert E. Lee at the end of part one. “The Ides of Death” is the title of part two. This section begins on April 10 with the aftermath and celebration of the Union victory in the Civil War. John Wilkes Booth is plotting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, along with other members of his cabinet. Booth had been planning to kidnap Lincoln during the Civil War to help the Confederacy, but he has since shifted the plans. There are…

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