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  • Watchmen Adaptation

    The Film Adaptation of the “Unfilmable” Watchmen In 2009, Zack Snyder filmed the first and only adaption of what was considered to be an “unfilmable” (Van Ness 172) graphic novel: Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Moore was a firm believer in the fact that it was a story unable to be transferred over from a comic to another medium – the story was meant to stay in the medium it was designed for. The graphic novel allows for a complex, metatextual narrative structure to be employed to tell such the story of Watchmen that is filled with much ambiguity. In comparison, the theatrical cut film adaptation of Watchmen cut much of the storyline out that was present in the graphic novel, thus creating more narrative clarity for film audiences, especially those…

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  • Watchmen Symbolism Analysis

    The comic, Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibson, employs a reoccurring symbol of a smiley face stained with blood covering its left eye. This reoccurrence of the symbol suggests that there is more to it than what the eye meets. It is such a simple symbol that shows happiness, yet is presented in such a convoluted manner in the comic. The smiley face in Watchmen is used ironically throughout the text to show how the characters, and perhaps all humans try to overlook or falsify violence,…

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  • Analysis Of Berlatsky's The Female Thor And The Female Comic-Book Reader

    Superhero Comic Books Berlatsky’s article, “The Female Thor and the Female Comic-Book Reader” (2014), argues that girls are interested in reading superhero comics as much as boys; there has been a lot of speculation whether comic books were created to entertain only the masculine audience. In order to stop the sexism that has been going around in the superhero comic book industry, Berlatsky uses the logos Aristotelian appeal to inform the comic book audience that girls have been a fan of comics…

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  • Comic Books In High Schools

    The citizens of the United States are firm believers on children becoming the future leaders of the nation. With this ideality in our society, a well-established education is a key factor to help the children. Comic books will lead them onto the path of success. Incidentally, comic books are often perceived only as a form of entertainment, rarely is it seem as an educational book. As we advance as a nation, more and more educators start to divulge into graphic novels and begin to see the…

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  • Watchmen Analysis

    George Guay 11/29/17 Development of Western Civilization Seminar Prep (Watchmen) Summary: The comic book Watchmen begins in the most dramatic way out of all the books we have read for this class this semester. The book that Alan Moore wrote starts with the murder of “The comedian”. This book starts out in New York City and the comedian’s real name is Edward Blake. The main character, Rorschach develops a theory to why Edward Blake is dead. That theory is a plot to kill the people like…

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  • Watchmen Style

    In the watchmen style the primary concern is to achieve the goal of “order maintenance”. The watchmen’s main objective is to control illegal and disruptive behaviors. Some of the ways that the watchmen achieve their goals is to use informal police intervention, which often includes persuasion and threats and sometimes to even get physically violent with criminals. This style of policing is not popular with some because they say it only exists in poor communities. The watchmen style is a…

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  • Superhero In Watchmen

    The word “super” illustrates something of extreme excellence and “hero” usually describes an individual with courage and helpfulness. Together, the word “superhero” exudes an image of power, bravery, and increased importance. The name “superhero” represents those who use their skills to protect and save the people, but in some cases the heroes’ “helpful” actions are viewed as harmful by the public. In Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons reveal, through the character Dan Drielberg, Nite Owl…

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  • Theme Of Women In Watchmen

    Makenzie Smith White Graphic Novels October 18, 2015 The Portrayal of Women in Watchmen In Alan Moore’s epic graphic novel, Watchmen, we are presented with only a few female characters. A disproportionate number of characters in the novel are men; even in the background, men dominate the story. Though they are few and far between, the female characters in the novel are varied, complex individuals, with their own personalities, who play pivotal roles in the plot of the story. However, Moore’s…

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  • Gender Roles In Watchmen

    profound but believable effect on its world. With such a heavy inspiration from the real world, it is not surprising that the world of comic books has similar social issues to that of the real world. These sentiment holds true for both, Watchmen and Blacksad as they portrait social issues such as wealth inequality, social acceptance, and social rejection. This essay will examine one of such issues which is gender role with the focus on Laurie Juspeczyk…

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  • Watchmen: Rorschach Hero

    Rorschach hero or not? “A hero can be anyone even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended” (Batman). Alongside batman with one of the first comics with superheroes created, there is a graphic novel called Watchmen where numerous everyday people dress up in costumes and run around the streets fighting crime. In addition, the comic also represents the main events that occurred during the year when…

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