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  • Alphabet Energy Case Study

    Alphabet Energy Matt Scullin is the PhD student in UC Berkeley and he has high interests in thermoelectric technology. In his academic career, he found that the traditional way of power generating wastes about 60% energy. While with the thermoelectric technology people can generate electricity from wasted heat and it can improve efficiency in 10% to 25%. By using his own technology, Matt started a company called alphabet energy and producing superior thermoelectric device. He narrowed his targets to four industries: automotive, aerospace, power generation and manufacturing. Automotive industry is the area that the team most passionate about. Typical motor engine converts only 30% energy into propulsion. Thermoelectric generator could potentially use for improve vehicle fuel economy by converting engine generated heat to electricity, a thermoelectric system connected to engine exhaust could make cars 10% more fuel efficient. The market of automotive industry is large. There are growing automobile market internationally and domestically, but the…

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  • The Importance Of Cellulose Padss

    to keep water for a long time in the hot weather. The prices of replacing the cellulose pads every summer will cost approximately $5.000 for each house in the farm, and if the farm has 8 houses, the cost will be about $ 40.000 each summer. The researchers made pads from the date palm; they used a new material from agricultural waste. The date palm pad is more effective, and has the ability to reduce the temperature more than other materials because the structure has the ability to keep the water…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Vixen

    damp hair, or require product on dry hair, the Vixen uses hot air to heat the ceramic barrel. This creates a combination of hot air brush and curling iron that can be used on dry or damp hair. Instead of spending over an hour sectioning, blow drying, and curling your hair, you can achieve a beautiful blowout look with curls and waves with one piece of equipment. It leaves you with more time in the morning to sleep in since you won't have to spend an hour doing your hair. When it comes to a…

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  • The Laws Of Thermodynamics

    This poses a problem for life, since organisms rely on these energy conversions and transfers to subsist in an environment with finite energy resources. Inefficiency is insignificant for small, single-celled organisms since they use a minuscule amount of energy resources, but as life forms have begun to evolve into large, heterotrophic, and complex organisms, their levels of energy waste created by inefficiency has added up. In actions, such as movement and metabolism, which are necessary for…

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  • Solar Energy Case Study

    Table 11: Solar energy collector type (Source: Kalogirou (2004)) In the textile industry, energy is mainly consumed for heating of liquid baths close to 100 oC for washing, bleaching and dyeing. Drying processes usually use hot air or gases from 100 to 130 oC as shown in Table 12. In a solar process heat system, interfacing of the collectors with conventional energy supplies must be done in a way compatible with the process. The easiest way to make this is by using heat storage, which can also…

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  • The First And Three Laws Of Thermodynamics

    Energy Thermodynamics is, the everything that happens due to the flowing of the heat from a hot locale to a cold locale, and nothing occurs without the flow of the heat. Additionally, thermodynamics is an exact science. Thermodynamic system is defined by volume, pressure, temperature and chemical make-up. When conditions change the thermodynamic system will respond by changing its temperature, volume, pressure, or chemical make-up and will adjust accordingly in order to reach its original…

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  • Fluid Mechanics: Non-Newtonian And Fluid Mechanics

    As we know that, on earth, the major part of water is saltwater so desalination systems have become a practical means of increasing freshwater supplies. Desalination is mostly useful in locations that lack necessary groundwater or rainfall but it can also supplement existing resources. There are some drawbacks of desalination. The marine ecosystem can get damaged as the highly concentrated brine that is ejected to the ocean. One way to lessen this threat is to dilute the brine with a waste water…

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  • Air Conditioning

    self-contained, single units that expel humidity and heat from the room to the outdoors. Louvers (located on either the sides or the back of the unit) work by bringing in the fresh air. The coils act as a passage to the air, which is transformed into a cool air by the compressor with the use of the refrigerant, and then the fan helps ensure the circulation of the cool air around the room. They pass through the hole of an exterior wall and are used for the cooling of a single room. In addition, a…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pet Deck Coatings

    Working on a huge outdoor project will no doubt seem crazy to some of the people you know. It’s hot, it’s dirty and summer is definitely supposed to be about relaxing — not pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion on the few days you do have free time. However, for those who love to flex their DIY skills, there’s a lot to be said for creating a better outdoors and an overall better home. Scorpion Coatings wants you to get the most out of what you do. Contractors, homeowners and landlords…

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  • Relationship Between Sustainability And Economics

    the garden. One of the staff told me that they are not only cultivating organic food by sustainability way for educating students but also promoting the values of the sustainable food movement in the local community. I got to know the forgotten facts and the new information throughout this project. Because we are not owner of the Earth which is our home, we have to the sustainable development and we have to change our habit. From the beginning it is difficult to change at once but we must…

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