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  • Monuments And Memorial Essay

    Monuments and memorials are key to acknowledging and paying respect to the past. They provide honor to great achievements and pay homage to the sacrifice of people. Monuments are vital to society. Since they admire great achievements, educate society on past events, and inspire individuals to imprint their own footsteps in history. Though, monuments mean to respect figures of the past, many designers make the mistake of creating a monument not worthy of the important figures imprint in humanity. This is due to factors such as size, location, and materials used. Thus, one has to consider these factors when building a monument. If not, one could make the mistakes of either, not giving the respect a monument deserves, failing to educate the community…

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  • Lincoln Memorial Essay

    there was President Abraham Lincoln, white faced covered in marble, facing the Washington Monument, another great historical location, about 1.5 miles apart from each other. Also surrounded by a lot of historical memorials like: The Korean War Veterans Memorial, and The Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Standing tall the Lincoln Memorial is surrounded by large pillars, covered in white marble and dirt by the hands of time. Looking on top of the memorial you can see the American states that had sided…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial has a big set of stairs. When you walk in there is a high ceiling made of white marble and limestone on the walls. Lying between the north and south chambers is the central hall containing the figure of Lincoln sitting in contemplation onto the Mirror Lake and the Washington Monument. In both south and north chambers, there are inscriptions of Lincoln’s inaugural speech . The Lincoln Statue is sitting down looking straight to the Mirror Lake, with the right hand on the…

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  • Martin Luther Memorial Research Paper

    The Martin Luther Memorial is also known as the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. This memorial is located on four acres of land near the National Mall. This monument is to remember the 1964 Civil Rights Act that Martin Luther had a big role in. He was one of the most well-known leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. He was a Baptist Minister and social activist who fought for equal rights and influenced the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The same year, he also received the Noble Peace Prize. In…

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  • Essay On Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    one name, quote, or date may mean nothing; however, to someone that knew them, it may be a link to the memories of a friend, family member, or loved one’s life. Like headstones, memorials connect us to the memories of a past person, or perhaps an event. From November 1st, 1955 to April 31st, 1975, war waged as the United States partnered with South Vietnam and fought against the communist regime of North Vietnam and its southern allies in the Vietnam War. A total of about 3 million people were…

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  • A Poem At The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    This poem focuses on a young man named Komunyakaa who struggles with hiding his grief after fighting in the Vietnam War. The setting of the poem is at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where Komunyakaa first experiences difficulties with expressing his battle with his depression. This is evident as the poem begins with a sad tone, and Komunyakaa displays a sense of sadness as he views the granite wall with the names of all the slain military victims.You can instantly conclude that he is battling…

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  • Korean War Veterans Memorial

    American soldiers fought in a war on American soil or in a war on foreign soil, they all deserve to be remembered. Memorials are built in order to continue the remembrance of a person or group of people even after death. In America, there are numerous public memorials on display in honor of our past and present veterans who died in battle. The Korean War Veterans Memorial site in Washington, D.C. is one of them. It was dedicated to over one million American men and women who served and were…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Korean War Memorial

    nation’s most cherished memorials. However, if you did not know this, and you thought that the National Mall was in fact a real mall, don’t feel bad I was in your shoes prior to my move to DC. To most, the idea of giant sculptures and landmarks…

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  • Funeral Service Personal Statement

    working two summers at Johnson-Danielson Funeral Home in Plymouth, Indiana, it became apparent to me that this is the path I am to take and the profession that fulfills me. Death is unavoidable, however it is a natural occurrence that happens every day. A huge part of this profession is setting up services for families so they can memorialize and honor their loved one. It is essential to honor the deceased and celebrate their life with a reflection of what they enjoyed and what was…

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  • Dbq Monument Analysis

    When remembering someone, there is a lot of things that have to be put into prospect. You cannot just go into something thinking that you can wing it, because after high school that doesn't really work. Monuments honor the dead and the achievements that were often done while in their lifetime and that have to do with the sacrifices that they had to make. There are three main factors that go into play when making a monument for the remembered. The location, size and materials put into it. You…

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