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  • Should Environmentalists Continue To Be Alarmists?

    was running out of fresh drinking water during a really bad drought then I would think everyone would be on board to conserve their water resources. In our Global Issues text book we have two sides presented on wither or not Environmentalists should continue be alarmists to the public. One side is presented by Paul Farrell whom feels through Diamond’s 12 global time bombs yes they should. The other side thinking no they should not is presented by Ronald Bailey who believes Farrell leaves out some important details regarding each one of the 12 global time bombs. The 12 global time bombs that were covered between the both of them are: Overpopulation Multiplier, Population Impact Multiplier, Food, Water, Farmland, Forests, Toxic Chemicals, Energy…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Industrial Waste

    but also to fly high in the sky. All of this ingenuity, however, comes with certain drawbacks that need to be fixed or improved upon. One drawback in particular is the disposal of ‘industrial waste.’ In this paper, we will be tackling two of the most important sources of industrial waste: E-waste and mining waste. E-Waste With the development of technology in our everyday life, people tend to own more novel and advanced electronic appliances, discarding the old ones. It is estimated that each…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Reusing Things

    Over 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage and industrial waste are dumped into US water each year. Because of this, about 40% lakes are too contaminated for aquatic life, fishing or even for swimming in America. It’s disappointing how every eight seconds a child dies from drinking contaminated water. Also, it hurts how thousands of marine creatures die by swallowing plastic bags thinking they are jellyfishes. Terry Swearingen once said, “We are living on the planet as if we have another one…

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  • Causes Of Air Pollution Essay

    The Cause and Effect of Land and Air Pollution What is pollution? Well pollution is a term we hear a lot and that we are accustomed to but what does is it really mean. (Conserve Energy) We hear about pollution a lot but could you tell me what it is if I asked you? Well I know that pollution is the introduction of a harmful substance to the environment. Pollution is the most reused word used to describe the destruction of the natural air we breathe in and the water we drink and land we live on.…

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  • Recycling Argument Essay

    One of the world’s main concerns today is conserving the environment, and pollution is one of the main culprits for its continual destruction. Pollution only seems to be getting worse though as more and more toxins and wastes fill the earth and sky; damaging the environment that all humans and animals call home. People say the main culprit for pollution is industrial waste, and they are not wrong. But what they probably do not know is that half of the time, pollution is produced by the…

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  • Analysis Of Trash Inc: The Secret Life Of Garbage

    kinds of waste whether generated during the extraction of raw materials or after the consumption of final products. It is present everywhere, even in the middle of the oceans. Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage is a documentary film showing the waste produced around the world and the life cycle of trash/garbage. The documentary explains what happens to the garbage when it’s thrown away and its impact on the people and the world. It shows how the waste management industry runs daily and how it…

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  • 3D Printing: A Case Study

    This essay examines the implications of waste in design and manufacturing with regard to the nature and future sustainability of practices considered modern by contemporary standards. Practices, such as CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining and additive manufacturing such as 3D printing, are the benchmark for modern manufacturing; 'In the domain of manufacturing, computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology is a major contributor to the production capacity of the…

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  • Jardim Gramacho Essay

    once beautiful, Guanabara Bay, Brazil. Only 35km from the world-famous Copacabana beach. Since the unofficial opening in the late 1970’s the landfill continued to grow and at one of the dumps largest state, it spread over 321 acres of land, also the equivalent of 244 American football fields. Jardim Gramacho is home to seagulls, vultures and homes to people. This people are called the catadores. People who spend their days scouring through the landfill, days ranging from 4am-10pm. History…

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  • Informative Essay: Facts About Food Waste

    Facts about Food Waste Many of us never think about what happens to the food that we leave on our plate. However, maybe we should. Do you realize that 113 billion pounds of food goes un-eaten every year? According to the USDA, that makes up 31% of all our food. Why is this happening? We are not using our scrap food as an asset. Instead, we are clogging up landfills while there are people and animals that are going hungry. According to the article “Five Tactics to reduce Food Waste” in Julys…

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  • Deforestation And Environmental Pollution

    Deforestation and environmental pollution are just a few of the environmental problems that our planet is facing today; however, as the population of the world continues to grow exponentially, the problems will only continue to get worse and more irreversible. As the amount of people who populate earth increases, “the demand for food, energy, minerals and other products” rises as well (Eitzen, Smith, Zinn 76). As we look at environmental issues, we must remember some “environmental problems are…

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