Lincoln Memorial

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial has a big set of stairs. When you walk in there is a high ceiling made of white marble and limestone on the walls. Lying between the north and south chambers is the central hall containing the figure of Lincoln sitting in contemplation onto the Mirror Lake and the Washington Monument. In both south and north chambers, there are inscriptions of Lincoln’s inaugural speech . The Lincoln Statue is sitting down looking straight to the Mirror Lake, with the right hand on the chair, and left hand pointing at something. The Memorial is surrounded by 36 columns, one for each of the thirty-six states in the Union at the time of Lincoln 's death. Below the stairs, the Lincoln Memorial is surrounded by a huge amount of grass that…

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  • Lincoln Memorial Essay

    with a slight chance of rain, and a lot of people present. Sitting there was President Abraham Lincoln, white faced covered in marble, facing the Washington Monument, another great historical location, about 1.5 miles apart from each other. Also surrounded by a lot of historical memorials like: The Korean War Veterans Memorial, and The Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Standing tall the Lincoln Memorial is surrounded by large pillars, covered in white marble and dirt by the hands of time. Looking on…

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  • Short Essay: The Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial was constructed to idolize the death of Abraham Lincoln and the great achievements he did. To begin with, Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Kentucky. Lincoln grew up as a poor boy on the frontier. Not having lots of formal education Lincoln would read books and study Shakespeare, Byron, and even Euclid's geometry. A man of hard work Lincoln worked as a store clerk, a river trader, and a “rail-splitter”. So most people consider Lincoln as having a strong work…

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  • Lincoln Memorial Evidence

    Realism within art, for example paintings and sculptures, the piece must accurately reflect what it is based on in detail. One of the most famous sculpture, the Lincoln Memorial located in Washington D.C., accurately depicts Abraham Lincoln’s features. The evidence that was taken in account were his physical features, such as how his eyebrows were shaped, skin tone, the shape of his lips, the texture of his hair, and so on. The Lincoln Memorial, in detail depicts what Abraham Lincoln looked like…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr Speech I Have A Dream Speech Purpose

    The topic of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I have a dream” is about the Civil Rights Movement, equality between white people and African American. To demand racial justice and an integrated society for the black community. This speech takes place at Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. in front of hundreds of people to put a stop segregation and discrimination in America that’s been going on for years. Martin Luther King Jr delivered a speech with powerful use of language that both connects to…

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  • Lincoln Memorial Research Paper

    I went to Washington DC a couple of years ago and one of the most memorable experiences I had was visiting the Lincoln Memorial in front of which Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream” speech on August 28, 1963. An American baptist pastor and activist, Luther King became the most visible spokesperson and leader of the civil rights movement from 1954 until he was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Today, right on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial there’s a plaque dedicated to him,…

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  • The Fourth Of July Audre Lorde Analysis

    Negro and so the hotel would not allow her to stay there. She had missed out on an opportunity to learn more about her country because of her race. The phrase "except Phyllis" shows how only Phyllis was discriminated against. It demonstrates how she was excluded, which caused her to miss out on opportunities like traveling and fitting in with her classmates because their differences would have made it harder to get along with kids her age. Afterwards, when her father tells her the hotel did not…

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  • Diction In I Have A Dream Speech

    One August afternoon, at the height of racial segregation, a man stood at Lincoln memorial with hopes to demolish racism, not with violence, but with words of peace. With little more than four words, magnificent applause spread amongst thousands of racial justice supporters who began to feel even more empowered and passionate about the cause than ever before. “I Have a Dream,” has become one of the most revolutionary speeches of all time, and it’s deliverer, Martin Luther King Jr., has left a…

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  • Abraham Lincoln And Robert Louis Stevenson's A Letter From Birmingham Jail

    to counter the argument for oppression. The fact that he has accomplished this arduous task is commendable. His literary skills demonstrate how to effectively achieve what one desires to be the outcome of an argument. A letter from Birmingham jail is not the only example of this situation. Other prime sources that similarly achieve this goal are Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (1863), Robert Louis Stevenson’s Father Damien, a letter to the Reverend Doctor Hyde of Honolulu (1890), and…

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  • Funeral Service Personal Statement

    working two summers at Johnson-Danielson Funeral Home in Plymouth, Indiana, it became apparent to me that this is the path I am to take and the profession that fulfills me. Death is unavoidable, however it is a natural occurrence that happens every day. A huge part of this profession is setting up services for families so they can memorialize and honor their loved one. It is essential to honor the deceased and celebrate their life with a reflection of what they enjoyed and what was…

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