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  • Symbolism In Moo By Jane Smiley

    In the novel Moo, Jane Smiley uses Dean Nils Harstad, Marly Hellmich, Dr. Gift, and Chairman X to emphasize how, when there is a conflict between personal belief systems and workplace practices, individuals will sacrifice their morals to reduce the amount of time or effort required to achieve their professional or personal goals. The belief systems discussed can be either religiously, politically, or economically centered. Using religious symbolism, Smiley utilizes the sacrificed beliefs of the above characters to symbolize how when administrators and educators take shortcuts to line their pockets, the American education system suffers. Dean Nils Harstad is the prime example of a character who takes harmful shortcuts, as his interactions…

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  • Chairman X In Jane Smiley's Moo

    Chairman X is the complete antithesis of both Dr. Gift and Dean Harstad. Like Dr. Gift, his religion is also not specifically referenced in Moo. However, Smiley does include that Chairman X is a communist. Because of his belief system, Chairman X loathes both Dr. Gift’s self-helping, capitalist methods, especially the Costa Rican gold mining plan, and Dean Harstad, whose use of, “patience as a weapon” the passionate and driven Chairman X finds irritating to the point where he daydreams of…

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  • The Moo Rebellion: The Battle Of The Moro Rebellion

    On March 1906, one of the worst battles of the Moro rebellion occurred in the Southern part of the Philippines. The principal adversaries were the Moro rebels of Mount Dajo and the American troops, commanded by General Leonard Wood. This battle happened after the Spanish-American war in 1901 and towards the end of the Philippine-American war. The Moros, driven by ethnic and religious ideology were weary of foreign rule and policies and refused to accept another ruler. The Moros thought that they…

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  • Art: Nopal En La Frrente By Oscar Moo

    As I walked through the museum, I looked for a piece of art that spoke to me on a personal level, having picked a Mexican Museum it wasn’t hard seeing a sculpture or painting and relating it to my childhood or connecting it to my visits to Mexico. As I was leaving, I stopped by a colorful painting that really grabbed my attention, and looked at the description and the painting for some time. I was with my younger brother and had explained to him the details of the museum visit for this class,…

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  • The Soccer Players Tale: A Short Story

    “ Moo moo moo!” “ Moo,” says the cow. “Okay they understand the rules and procedures,” says Lily. The game starts Lily scores the first goal and May scores the The other two.Cally starts yelling like crazy and the Fox stays quiet. The Longhorns score one goal. Tweet! I heard the whistle explode in my ears from two fields down. “ Alright team We are up by two we need to still stay strong remember last year,” says May.” Okay we will do the same positions except Cally go in for Emma and Fox go…

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  • Inflectional Meaning Strategies

    and they change the meaning of the word in a sentence. Lesson Steps: 1. Introduce the concept that is going to be taught by reading some parts of the picture book Dooby Dooby Moo (2006), which contains words ending with -ed and -ing. 2. Next, TS will identify some words from the book that end with -ed and -ing. He will read the words as he points them out. 3. Then, he will be asked if he knows the meaning of the words he identified within the text. 4. After that, I will explain that those…

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  • Case Study 3: Subject Information And Presenting Problem

    Case Study 3 Amanda Anderson Southern New Hampshire University Subject information and presenting problem In case study 3 we are introduced to Katie, a 35 year old woman, wife, mother of 2 children with a professional career. The addiction that Katie faces is prescription medication mostly pain pills but also muscle relaxants. Katie suffers from a substance addiction. She has had this addiction for approximately 3 years. Her addiction began when she was prescribed pain medication for an…

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  • Paul To Philemon Analysis

    forgiveness and reconciliation is in terms of Christ (2 Cor. 5:18-12; Col. 1:19-23) Paul shows us what it might look like between two people in his letter to Philemon (New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible). He does this pastorally and diplomatically. First he identifies himself as a prisoner of Christ (v.1). This is unusual for Paul, as he normally identifies himself as an apostle. He could be doing this simply to indicate that he is writing this letter while imprisoned. On the other hand,…

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  • Ptsd In Coping

    In particular, the studies previously mentioned such as Solomon et al., Folkman and Lazarus as well as Billings and Moos all showed a correlation between a reduction of combat-related PTSD symptoms and the application of problem-focused coping (Folkman, 1984, Billings and Moos, 1984, Solomon et al., 1988b). As veterans tend to focus on avoidant emotion-focused techniques, the aversion of problem-coping perpetuates the cycle of stress and exhaustion that PTSD exacerbates. This is supported by a…

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  • The Two-Document Theory: Mark Is The Earliest Gospel

    The New Testament Its Background and message 2003:121) Markan priority is most popular because it seems to coincide with statements by the earlier church fathers unanimously asserting that Matthews predated both Mark and Luke. (Lea and Black,The New Testament Its Background and message 2003:122) The arguments for Markan priorty is based on the brevity of Mark, the verbal agreements among the gospels, the order of events, Mark’s arkward and more primitive style, and Mark’s more primitive…

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