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The mini-lesson will focus on decoding strategy and structural analysis for word endings: ed and ing (inflectional suffixes). TS needs to learn about context clues and the meaning clues the word itself might contain. He must understand that inflectional endings (-ed and -ing) reflect the time at which events occurred and they change the meaning of the word in a sentence.
Lesson Steps:
1. Introduce the concept that is going to be taught by reading some parts of the picture book Dooby Dooby Moo (2006), which contains words ending with -ed and -ing.
2. Next, TS will identify some words from the book that end with -ed and -ing. He will read the words as he points them out.
3. Then, he will be asked if he knows the meaning of the words he identified
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I enjoyed teaching it as TS demonstrated enthusiasm in doing the activities especially Roll an Inflectional Ending activity. However, TS was not thrilled when he saw the Dooby Dooby Moo picture book. He said, “Oh, a picture book!” and he showed me the chapter book he is currently reading. We ended up skimming the book to find the words that end with -ed and ing. TS read the title of the book incorrectly. He read it twice as Doodly Doodly Moo instead of Dooby Dooby Moo. I asked him to read the title slowly for the third time and he finally said it …show more content…
This process is a great learning experience for me as a pre-service teacher in order to effectively design instruction to enhance students’ learning and support their growth.
I am pleased to inform you that TS is a remarkable reader. His prosody skill is commendable. He read with enthusiasm and varied his expression. He read aloud in phrases and added intonation appropriately. TS reads with confidence and joy. Also, he recognized many high-frequency words and Tier II vocabulary words for his grade level and above his grade level. He is mostly adept with phonic analysis. Furthermore, his social competence inside and outside the classroom is notable.
TS enjoyed the game element of the minilesson. He had fun rolling the dice to form words with inflectional endings. This activity motivated him to be highly engaged and accomplished all the given tasks with precision. It was such a pleasure to work with an enthusiastic learner like TS. He can perform several learning activities and exhibits high-level of awareness about the learning objectives. A minimal guided teaching helped him master the

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