Phonological Medley Analysis

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1. The name of the technique, the chapter and the pages. The name of the technique presented in the CORE Teaching Reading Sourcebook is called the phonological medley. The phonological medley equips students with the ability to use two syllable compound words. This lesson model assists students in becoming familiar with blending, deletion and segmentation. It is presented on chapter five titled Phonological Awareness and the lesson is on page 132.
2. Why did the approach appeal to you? What did you like about it? Why would you recommend it to other teachers? The phonological medley is a highly interactive lesson that gives students the opportunity to learn through tactile and visual elements. Students are given word cards that have pictures
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This method breaks through the traditional approach to teacher and response instruction. The small group guided practice presents us with an interactive game which will guide the learning process. In order for students to learn something, they must have a genuine interest in the subject. The game is also structured in a way that is enjoyable for the child as they are able to start with one card, such as rain. After they have been introduced to the full word (raincoat) they are split apart into two different words. Students will need to see how words can be broken apart and reformed in order to learn about compound …show more content…
I would modify this lesson to help students develop their skills in decoding and encoding. Students would have more of an opportunity to get engaged by listening to a story and writing down different compounds words. Once students list the words, they would be given the opportunity to work with their classmates. In groups they would define each word part and understand how they relate to each other. I would also implement individual work, so that students can create a sentence with the word they chose. This lesson would also fit into a larger phonics instructional lesson consisting of blending, segmenting and working with

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