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  • Built Environment

    entitled Planned and Built Environments discusses at length the environments in which the elderly as a population live. In addition, this chapter discusses the researched plans, execution and evaluation of the Best practices for to provide and promote the concept of “healthy aging”. Moreover, this chapter touches on the aspect of the best practices for health aging in regards to the gender, race, ethnicity, chronological age, socioeconomic status. In addition, the ecological model is uses to exemplify the multitude of possible interventions for the goal of healthy aging. The place or built environment has to be considered when trying to improve on health outcome for the older population. There were three environmental pathways…

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  • Children Built Environment

    towards better environments, discovering the factors of well-being and providing designers with information that they need about people’s needs and perceptions. One of the pioneers of real world work with children, Roger Hart (1997) had said that children’s daily lives are complex, unique and inherently spatial. Architecture must strive to go beyond just being functional. The more richer and stylish it gets, it encourages meaningful social interactions (Dudek, 2005).po Childhood experiences of…

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  • Built Environment And Place-Based Research

    *Spatial scale/health/ measurable characteristics/built environment affects the people, are incorporated into the analysis of population health outcomes and what the key considerations The built environment is made up of the physical structures and factors of human made environments where we live, work, play, and interact with one another. The built environment comprises measureable characteristics and other, unquantifiable behaviours. Both aspects have a great impact on population health…

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  • Overview Of Disability Within The Built Environment

    The important of accessibility within the built environment Inaccessible environment gives a huge impact to a person with disability by creating barriers to participation and inclusion. The World Report on Disability (UNICEF, 2011) emphasized the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) highlighted environment as factors that contribute towards functions in a person day-to-day activities. It’s recognized that human functioning can be categorized into 3…

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  • Research Summary: How Built Environment Affects Travel Behavior

    Filiberto Asare-Akuffo Research Summary Citation of Article Zhang, L., Hong, J., Nasri, A., & Shen, Q. (2012). How built environment affects travel behavior: A comparative analysis of the connections between land use and vehicle miles traveled in US cities. Journal Of Transport And Land Use, 5(3). Link:http://dx.doi.org/10.5198/jtlu.v5i3.266 Specific Research Questions Zhang et al. argues that, there are mix findings in the literature on the influence of the built environment on travel…

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  • Social Determinant Of Age-Friendly Environment

    decade ago under the name of age-friendly environment. A key driver of this movements toward age-friendly environment is the Global Age-Friendly Cities project by WHO. This initiative has been focused on urban areas (WHO, 2007) and there is another trend of age-friendly environment for rural areas. In this section, practices and research on age-friendly environment will be explored in these two different directions of urban and rural. The major effort into research and practices on urban…

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  • The Town Rush Case Study

    Scottish Settlers arriving in Dunedin took advantage of the area they chose. These choices both positively and negatively impacted on the surrounding environment. Dunedin benefited from the Gold Rush because it was located close to Central Otago. However, this had a negative impact on the environment because the city soon became polluted from the sudden increase in population. The green space surrounding the city was used to create a town belt, which had a positive effect on sustaining the green…

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  • Thomas Built Buses Case Study

    Company Overview: New products and new services are developed every day; however, based on the industry of my current profession in transportation the company and product selected is Thomas Built Buses and school bus designs. Thomas Built Buses originated back in 1916 in North Carolina during World War 1 as streetcar manufacturer. It wasn’t until the 1930’s when the company started actually manufacturing and developing the school bus product. It took the company until the 1960’s to actually…

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  • Healing Hospital

    Introduction In the world of healthcare the environment where the healthcare is taking place has an impact on the patient’s recovery. This essay will show examples of how a “Healing hospital” helps a patient feel more comfortable. According to a book review of Radical Loving Care a book by Erie Chapman quoted Chapmen in saying, “health care leaders are living a lie. They are promising loving care to the public in mission statements and then making no meaningful effort to ensure that care is…

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  • The Economic Vitality Element: Case Study

    “safe, attractive city for [the current residents], [their children], and for future generations” (Scottsdale). Scottsdale makes great efforts to create an economically healthy city, while also protecting the natural environment surrounding it. In the city’s comprehensive plan, they say their goal for the future is not definite, but rather that the city desires to create a long term community goal in which everyone’s opinion is taken into account and make changes to Scottsdale they see fit,…

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