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  • Argumentative Essay: The Future Of Football

    Football as we know it is in danger of being taken away from high schools due to the increasing number of court cases, and deaths from concussion and second impact syndrome. However, scientists, athletic trainers, and coaches are working together to make the sport safer. Some of the preventative measure they are taking to ensure the future of the sport are using safe helmets to detect impact and force, impact tests to detect decrease cognitive function of players after injury, and new procedures to prevent hard hits. All of these preventative measure will ensure that football will continue to be enjoyed by many generation to come. If all the football players had a smart helmet it would decreased the amount of them getting concussion. When they are playing on the field or even just in practice the football players will get a hard hit and the couch want notice that because he can't watch everyone at the same time so if everyone will have a smart helmet then they can tell when they get a hard it. Smart helmets are a good idea because now you will know if they get a hard hit. When you get a hard hit you could get an concussion so this will prevent that from happening a little more. Also if the football players,did a impact test at least in every school year it would decrease the amount of concussion in any sport like football. According to the article it states, “The most scientifically researched concussion management tool”, so if this would help for the football players for…

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  • P. L. A. Y Strengths And Weaknesses

    P.L.A.Y Many people my age live life like the acronym Y.O.L.O which means you only live once. I on the other hand, who is married with two beautiful daughters live life like the acronym P.L.A.Y. Which means to Protect my family by any means necessary, Love hard by caring and showing compassion, Ask questions to grow and understand this crazy world and last remember what Your mama said, which means the life lessons she already learned I need to keep the answers. I would formulate this basic…

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  • Fate Vs. Free Will In Oedipus Rex

    Over the summer a new series emerged on Netflix. The show stars several kids in a 1980’s town in Indiana that are on a hunt for a missing boy. Way back around 430 BCE, a story was written by Sophocles. It features a man on the hunt for truth. My hope is that this paper will be able to bring in some ideas from each story that connect with each other. I also hope that this will not be a spoiler alert if you haven’t yet finished the series. Perhaps one of the most obvious comparisons would be the…

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  • Aubree Marden Research Paper

    In life, its hard to come by someone who cares so deeply, and wishes the best of luck in all future endeavors for someone she barely knew. Aubree Marden is one of the most well rounded, vibrant, strong hearted human beings one would ever meet. Aubree entered my life during my sophomore year of high school and was one of the best things to have ever happened to me. The first impression I had of Aubree definitely wasn’t the correct one. I had always known of Aubree, but the night I finally had…

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  • Tips To Perfect Last Minute Analysis

    Editing note - the outline was wank, so I added to the headers. I left the additions in red for if you wish to delete them. I had to change number 5 completely because it is terrible advice. ESSAYS43527 #2 6 Effective Tips to Perfect Last Minute Essay To reiterate, this article explains how to write an essay very quickly without failing, these are not tips to help you create a perfect essay and/or a top scoring essay. This article assumes you have a very short deadline, and the advice within…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Hate People In Store

    I hate going to stores. There 's too many people in stores. Which isn 't very comforting for me. I have this curse where I can hear what people are thinking of me. Only me. My mom calls it a "gift", but I don 't see it. Having to hear people call you a "slut" or a "loner" never really helps your self esteem. I try to blend in by dressing like all the girls in their slutty-ass outfits, but instead it just made guys notice me. And it didn 't help at all. I feel like no girl wants to be considered…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Aunt's Death

    I personally tell you with confidence that I never agreed others sadness from unbearable loss of a valued person. On behalf of my part it used to be compassion. As soon as this happened to me, when my valued aunt died, I understood all individuals who lost someone they valued. There are definitely no appropriate words to label this pain, at least none used on this world. This intolerable pain which discouraged you apart, which is like a gap on your heart. And which create tears run down your…

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  • Quit Job

    In this essay, I will be talking about my pervious job, a job I resigned from one month ago. I will explain the reasons which lead me to quit, the consequences of this step, and how I imagine my future job to be. basically, I finished my undergraduate studies in Saudi Arabia, graduating with a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, which is an extraordinary field of study in my community, where people usually tend to study what the market is demanding, i.e. business studies. After I…

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  • Monstrosity In Mark Doty's Now You Re An Animal

    Monstrosity isn’t always what is perceived on the outside. Becoming one with an animal, having animalistic tendencies, or an alter ego of a beast can be considered monstrous to society. In the poem “Why do you keep putting animals in your poems”, the man depicted in the poem is learning from the animals in the poem. He also realizes that the animalistic way of life is much simpler than the life of a human. In “Now You’re An Animal” by Mark Doty the professor goes into a studio to get his picture…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ruining Friendships

    At the age of 16, I would have never expected something as simple as young love to ruin friendships. When it happened to me, I was in shock. I never thought she’d come into my life just to control me and manipulate me into ruining the relationships I had with other people. We were suppose to be in love, right? People who love you shouldn’t ever do that to you, but I was blindsided. I was so in love that I couldn’t even see what she was doing to me. It started as soon as I met her, the crazy…

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