Narrative Essay On Struggles In Life

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Struggles are lessons that bring blessings to people that make them stronger, and able to appreciate life more. When people go through struggles it makes them emotionally stronger.
In fact, throughout high school, my mom was an alcoholic and was never home. We constantly argued about everything all the time. Experiencing this for years , I got fed up with it; which led me to experimenting with drugs , started skipping school, and started hanging out with the wrong group of people. The addiction that I was facing got so bad I started doing it at school and got caught, suspended and eventually got sent to rehab. The experience I went through made me a lot smarter about the choices I make. My mom got help with her addiction and our
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Not only can struggles bring out a stronger individual while teaching a lesson, but also struggles bring blessings. I didn 't use to pray or even believe in any higher power, but have been pushed towards going to church my whole life. When I was going through the things I was going through everything seemed useless. When I got out of rehab , I started going back to church to see if the whole "god" thing was real and became more involved in the religion of
Christianity just to see if it could make me feel life again. It did, I started praying and thanking god for everything. I became happier and I had gone through struggles in the mean time, but the blessing I had was not being stressed and knowing my mom was blessed to go to rehab as well, to manage her binge 's on alcohol. I hadn 't been blessed any better than that. Some may not agree that struggles bring blessings. When I was going through it , the only way I got out of the struggle , was to know I was being taught something and this struggle will bring me a blessing. I have many blessings in my life today that I wouldn 't regret or change anything I have been through. I believe struggles make individuals a hundred percent stronger and
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Ultimately, people go through times that other people can 't even imagine. Some may wonder how people can be so rude or why people can be so thankful. No one knows another person 's story on why they are the way they are. Throughout my life I have been through a lot of things. I 'm not saying they 're the worst situations because I know that other people are dealing with struggles that are/were bigger than mine. My struggles have shaped me into a stronger human-being , I 'm more care free and I 'm thankful for everything, because I just don 't have time to worry about little things anymore. I need to focus on bigger, better things like saving money so my boyfriend and I can move out of a room were living in. I am thankful everyday for everything I have and the only reason why I am is because I have been taught a lesson through every struggle I 've been through that there are blessings in the end of it all and good will come if I stay positive knowing I can get through situations that may be hard. The struggles I faced were lessons that brought blessings and made me a stronger individual to help me appreciate life

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