Religion Reflection Paper

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I decided for my paper that I would touch on a couple different topics that I can relate to as far as religion. The first topic I plan on speaking on is my definition of religion and what I have come to realize. I also plan on speaking about the different beliefs and practices that I have either been a part of or witnessed. By the end of this paper you will be able to see the change of a young me in opposed to me now with a mind of my own.
Growing up as a child I believed religion was just going to church every Sunday with my grandparents. My grandmother was a very religious person and always made sure I prayed every night and went to church every Sunday even when I didn’t want to. As a young child all I could really comprehend is that God
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I felt as though if I should be asking anyone for forgiveness it should God. I should be praying to him and asking Him to forgive me and the priest. This is where my definition of prayer comes into play. Prayer to me is a private conversation between me and God, where I can ask him for forgiveness or just simply thank for what he has done. I do not feel like I need to share it with someone else.
I have nothing but respect for Catholicism but there were a lot of things I questioned. The burning of the incense did nothing but made me feel like I was going to pass out. It is said that the incense is burned to purify and sanctify the church. How much purification does a church need is it not already supposed to be a sacred place without the incense . This leads me into my next topic of the "body of Christ" that it is kept in the tabernacle on the altar. We were taught to make the sign of the cross everytime we passed in front of the tabernacle, no matter where you are in the church as long as you pass the path of the tabernacle you make the sign of the cross.
We were also supposed to bless ourselves with holy water and make the sign the cross when
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The sermons always felt like they were made especially for me whether I was going through it at the time or have already experienced it .
The moment I found myself a job all of this changed because now I would work on
Sundays and my job became more important to me. At this point is when I feel like my life just started changing. The change wasn’t super bad but it wasn’t good either. I started to lose myself spiritually and the only time I really thought about going to church was when I was going through something . I 'm not saying that anyone that doesn’t go to church is any less holy than someone who goes every Sunday but the only time I turn to God was when I was in need . As high school teenager it really didn’t seem to have an affect on me. It wasn’t until I hit probably
20-21 that I knew something was not right .
As a child I always had the weirdest dreams that just didn’t make sense to me but I never questioned it. Now looking back it there was nothing normal about it. This is when I started to believe in supernatural and spiritual beings. My dreams were actually messages at times and I didn’t even know it . I can recall a time that had a cousin that went on a mission trip to India,

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