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  • Diocesan Bishop Dispense Case Study

    7. What can a Diocesan Bishop dispense from and what can he not dispense from? The Diocesan Bishop can dispense from universal, particular, disciplinary, and ecclesiastical dispositions that the supreme authority of the Church has mandated for his territory or his subjects. This right to dispense from some laws is conferred at the time of his ordination. Here the Code of Canon Law highlights that the Bishop is not a vicar of the Pope, but he has the power of governance in his diocese because it is a portion of the people if God where the Church is truly and fully present. Therefore, the Bishop can dispense from these laws in a particular way, not in a general way. It means that the Bishop must study each case to make a dispensation. However, the Diocesan Bishop cannot dispense from constitutive law, that which is essential part of juridic institutes or acts. Also, the bishop cannot dispense from penal law because penalties look for the spiritual conversion of the faithful. In…

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  • Analysis Of Martin Luther's 95 Theses

    these cases were disregarded, the guilt would certainly remain unforgiven, are both some of Luther’s debates. Martin Luther argues that it does not matter who you confess to that you should be forgiven. He disputes that the pope or bishop does just the same as the lowliest priest. Luther says that any Christian can say to you, “God forgives you of your sins, in the name,” and if you accept it with a confident faith then you would be surely forgiven. During this time, indulgences were being…

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  • Difference Between Roman Catholicism And Presbyterianism

    is apostolic because God “…commissioned Peter to shepherd, and him and the other apostles to extend and direct with authority… This Church constituted and organized in the world as a society…which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him… . One could say that the church is apostolic because God sent the apostles to carry out his word and that is what the Church does. Presbyterians also believe that the church is one of people from all ages. I was able to…

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  • The Holy Catholic Church

    rapid increase in size and influence over the past several centuries, coupled with the Kingship’s long history of overreaching ecclesiastical authority, finally a breaking point had been reached. Here is seen, in final, Pope Boniface VIII declaration of the Church’s universal supremacy over all matters of life. The Church, despite the conflict highlighted in the Clericis Laicos, wasn’t always engulfed in such adversity towards secular rule; it’s position under the Emperor, in fact, was the norm…

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  • Protestant Reformation Research Paper

    priest, which benefited the church since their followers felt that they were part of a community. The Council of Trent stopped the sale of indulgences. Indulgences were acts of penitence in the Catholic Church that result in the forgiveness of a sin (Haberman and Shubert). There was controversy over the Church using the indulgence to pay off local Church debts. In order to keep their followers, the Church had to change some of their rules. Though the Church still asserted the importance of…

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  • How Did Religion Influence Life In Medieval Europe

    How would you describe the influence of religion on the life in medieval Europe? Religion in medieval Europe was very important in every area of daily life, it was predominately controlled by Christianity. The church in that era had tremendous wealth, government power and authority over people's lives. The towns were located around the local church and they would devote their time to building new civilizations. First, the Catholic Church was the only church in Europe. It obtained it's…

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  • Trinity In Eastern Orthodox Theology

    to the Eastern Orthodox, because it is God’s people gathered for Eucharist. Again, emphasis is placed upon the independent churches being united with local churches to form their true identity. The Eucharist also represents the worldly religious ceremony is a sample of heavenly worship of when the church as completed its task, and they have reached the fulfilment of their journey, which is resulted in their deification. Now, sobornost is a byword from Russia that is used in Easter Orthodox…

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  • Movie Analysis: Pope Joan

    referent to that advocates of women's fairness in the Catholic Church can point to as an example. Women's entitlements movements have long supported for an equal opportunity church, but their demands have hardly been met. Merely in a insufficient states, amid them Australia (in the Australian Anglican Church), can women be ordained bishops, and by no way can a female come to be pope. The Catholic Church as a reason not to change such situations has utilized the nonexistence of referents or vital…

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  • Church Observation

    the bishop came. The bishop and the priest split the sections, since he was there. They read mostly from their holy liturgy book and the service was filled with the congregations responses to the priest’s and bishop’s readings from it. The interesting part was that they did not use just one language during the service, they used three; English, Arabic, and Coptic. As they read from the book, they would read it out loud but in more of a singing/chanting way. There was only a brief time period…

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  • Cities In The Middle Ages

    had established to the west eventually disappeared. In correlation, many cities reduced in size and power, while others flickered and blew away like smoke. However, in the early middle ages there seemed to exist a formula for any successful city: almost every city that survived was connected to the Church via bishop. These bishops held such importance that the cities they had connections with became powerful. So, in an early medieval city, the secret to survival included dependence on another…

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