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  • Diocesan Bishop Dispense Case Study

    7. What can a Diocesan Bishop dispense from and what can he not dispense from? The Diocesan Bishop can dispense from universal, particular, disciplinary, and ecclesiastical dispositions that the supreme authority of the Church has mandated for his territory or his subjects. This right to dispense from some laws is conferred at the time of his ordination. Here the Code of Canon Law highlights that the Bishop is not a vicar of the Pope, but he has the power of governance in his diocese because it is a portion of the people if God where the Church is truly and fully present. Therefore, the Bishop can dispense from these laws in a particular way, not in a general way. It means that the Bishop must study each case to make a dispensation. However, the Diocesan Bishop cannot dispense from constitutive law, that which is essential part of juridic institutes or acts. Also, the bishop cannot dispense from penal law because penalties look for the spiritual conversion of the faithful. In…

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  • Billy Bishop

    Bishop was born February 8, 1894, in Ontario, Canada. He showed interest in aircraft and flying at a young age. At age 15, he built his own airplane out of cardboard and wood and tried to fly it off of his roof. He did not excel in school, so his father enrolled him in the Royal Military College at the age of 17. When the war broke out in 1914, he was assigned to a cavalry unit, but before he could leave to fight, he came down with pneumonia. After he recovered, he joined the Royal Flying Corps.…

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  • Billy Bishop Essay

    William Avery Bishop, recognized as Canadian hero Billy Bishop, was born February 8, 1894, in Owen Sound, Ontario. His parents, William A. Bishop, and Margret Bishop had built a substantial living for their children, with William a lawyer and graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Ontario. Bishop earned the position of a vigorous fighter, defending himself against those who were intractable. He preferred solitary activities, which coerced his expertise in swimming, horseback riding, and…

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  • Council At Nicaea Essay

    By late 324, the churches of the East were sharply divided between Arius and Alexander. Presbyter Arius came into a direct disagreement with Bishop Alexander. It appears that Arius reproached Alexander for what he felt were misguided or heretical teachings being taught by the bishop. The disputes over Arianism were enormously significant both for the churches and for the Roman Empire itself. Emperor Constantine wanted to unite the church for the purpose of the Empire, according to several…

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  • The Papacy In Rome

    The papacy is the office held by the pope as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. This office spans since the time of Peter to the present modern world. In the days of the early church, bishops in Rome did not enjoy any temporal power. This was the case till the time of Constantine. Following the fall of Rome, the papacy was shaped by temporal leaders that ruled the neighboring Italian Peninsula. With time, the papacy solidified its territorial areas to a part of Peninsula. The bishop of…

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  • The Role Of Communism In W. Sheen's Life

    He says in his episode to free these people and liberate them in order to solve the problems of the world . Sheen in some of his speeches found that this ideology like many other Americans evil. In a religious way communism was more considered as Satan’s answer to religion . The real matter of this fight against democracy and communism was becoming into a form of god versus godless to many in the religious circles . The fight against communism was quite an effective tool for Bishop Sheen to use…

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  • Sirmondian Constitution Analysis

    deviated from the catholic faith and their supporters were to be corrected by the teachings of the priesthood as well as ‘terror’ of imperial punishments . The marginalization of pagans and Jews was also furthered through increased taxation, loss of property and their displacement from imperial service . Overall while significant powers were granted to bishops it appears to have largely been the responsibility of the praetorian prefect and other civil officials to enforce the judgments of…

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  • Cities In The Middle Ages

    had established to the west eventually disappeared. In correlation, many cities reduced in size and power, while others flickered and blew away like smoke. However, in the early middle ages there seemed to exist a formula for any successful city: almost every city that survived was connected to the Church via bishop. These bishops held such importance that the cities they had connections with became powerful. So, in an early medieval city, the secret to survival included dependence on another…

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  • Carloman's Journey To The Revival Of The Church

    He sent a commission to Rome in 746, seeking guidance on topics ranging from clerical discipline to the ecclesiastical hierarchy. His court administration also changed drastically with clerics beginning to take a leading role. Episcopal cooperation also became a genuine asset for the assertion of royal power with Bishops serving as guarantors of a religious and social order. It appears at this point that the religious reforms set down by Boniface were working to great effect. By 747, Boniface…

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  • Church Observation

    the bishop came. The bishop and the priest split the sections, since he was there. They read mostly from their holy liturgy book and the service was filled with the congregations responses to the priest’s and bishop’s readings from it. The interesting part was that they did not use just one language during the service, they used three; English, Arabic, and Coptic. As they read from the book, they would read it out loud but in more of a singing/chanting way. There was only a brief time period…

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