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  • Narrative About Swimming

    “It’s the first day. How bad can it be?” I asked Amy as we walked into the pool area for the first time with our brand new goggles in hand. “They are not going to make us do anything too terrible since it is our very first day,” Amy replied with confidence. I thought she was probably right; all of the sports that I have ever been apart of have never scared me away within the first week, but this is swim and I knew nothing about swimming. We sat in the circle with all of the experienced swimmers and other newbies while our new coaches sat in the center. Mr. Page and Mrs. Marion looked at us and smiled as our information papers and swim caps were handed to us. “How’s it going? Are you ready to swim?” Mr. Page asked us with enthusiasm. We could only smile because we knew we could not back out now. “So, what kind of stokes or events do you girls want to try?” He asked in a discernible attempt to make conversation. His eyes flashed back and forth between Amy and I, while he waited for a response. “I don’t really know,” Amy and I both said in a humorous tone. Honestly, we had no clue what strokes or events there were. “Alright, we will find you something to do!” He told us before he yelled, “Time to get into the pool for a 400 warm-up!” We had no idea how many laps were in a 400 or how to properly swim, but we slapped on our caps and goggles anyway. Amy jumped into the pool first causing a huge wave of cold water to slam against my body. “Are you getting in?” Amy asked,…

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  • Reflective Essay: How Charlie Gordon Changed My Life

    Charlie Gordon. To many that 's just a name of a failed experience, but to me that name means so much more. In fact hearing or reading the name leaves a very peculiar taste on my mouth and makes my eyes water. What have I done, I sometimes think to myself. Sometimes I wish if I could go back to the day the two doctors from the facility first asked me to nominate a student that attends the adult night school class with the lowest lQ, “For a life changing and ground breaking experiment!” One of…

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  • Discrimination: A Short Story

    This is the story of a man named Andrew Andrew is a simple man, who likes simple things. He worked for a simple company, in a large building where he was Employee #472. Andrew has had the job of Employee #472 ever since the day he graduated from high school with his first chest hair, curling, proving he was a man. Employee #472 had one simple job: he would sit at his desk in room 472, and push buttons on the keyboard. Commands came to him through the monitor on his brown desk, telling him what…

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  • Personal Essay: A Party To Forget

    A Party to Forget The majority of my weekends in the fall of my sophomore year of high school had been spent the exact same. Three of what I considered my closest friends and I would attend the Friday night football game and then pile up in my best friend’s sports car and head off to whatever party we had heard about prior to the game. We would all manage to construe a way into staying out at as late as we desired; my mother was under the impression that I was staying at a friend’s house, and my…

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  • The Importance Of Love In My Family

    As the emotional person that I am, I have so much love to offer in every relationship I enter. One of the strongest bonds that I have is with my family. They have always been so supportive of me and for that, I love them. My family hit a rough spot when my parents got a divorce in 2009. It was a very challenging time for all of us. Although this is true, it only brought us closer together after we had come to terms with the situation. My family and I have grown together and through the ups and…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Theatre Changed My Life

    When the word “home” is defined in a dictionary you are given definitions like “the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered” or “any place of residence or refuge” but to me home means so much more. To me, home is theatre. Those who know me well will attest that the change in me throughout this experience is drastic. Theatre transports me to places I couldn’t dream of otherwise and two years ago, I was taken to a place that would change my life forever and theatre transformed to…

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  • Beautiful And Damned Chapter Summary

    Summary Exposition: In the book, Beautiful & Damned, the protagonist is Scarlett. She is the one the story is based off of, as it follows her life. The setting of the story is not very specific, as some of it takes place in grade school and some of it takes place in their later lives. A quote that shows part of the setting is, “They met in grade school” (Drake 63). The society of this short story is Hector and Scarlett. In the story, there are a few friends involved, and some others, but most…

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  • Basketball Narrative

    My eyes focused on the whiteboard as Coach’s pen formed X’s and O’s on the squeaky white surface. He looked at me, trying to give me that boost of confidence for the end of this game. “Alright guys listen up. Ryan has guarded their best player all game, it’s time we catch him off guard,” he said. I answered with a head nod, because my mouth was paper. A 6 foot 4 inch guy shouldn 't have any trouble guarding a guy 4 inches shorter than you, right? WRONG. I have been playing basketball since 5,…

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  • Reflection On The Interview Of Human Services Worker

    Interview of Human Services Worker When I was deciding my major, I knew I wanted to do something that was beneficial to society. I wanted to do my part and help those in need. That is why I chose Human Services and when I chose this major, I went into it with the intent of helping women in need. I had a rough few years as a single teen mom moving from place to place trying to hold down a job while attending school all on my own at 19. I was eventually able to work through this struggle and…

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  • Henry Movie Analysis

    Regarding Henry tells the story of a middle aged man consumed by his Id. Henry Turner is a harsh lawyer, he acts out of pleasure which only leads to his life being turned upside down when a bullet shot at his head nearly kills him. Late one-night Henry’s need for cigarettes kicks in so he leaves his secure home to buy a pack only to wake up in the hospital days later. The bullet hit his right frontal lobe causing him to forget everything. Before this incident, Henry’s choices were manipulated by…

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