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  • Mesopotamian Writing System

    archaeologists to discover the history and linguists to learn ancient languages. However, the writings used in the past, and still used now, were a communication method between people and cities. The Rosetta Stone, Bisutun Inscription and Amarna tablets are examples of thousands of writings found from historical site. The fact that illiterate rate is high among…

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  • Sinuhe And The Tale Of The Eloquent Peasant Analysis

    While no evidence exists demonstrating that Sinuhe from The Story of Sinuhe is an actual person and while The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant is clearly fiction, both works of Egyptian literature are rooted in some form of historical fact in that they were likely written by Egyptian elite and, therefore, they can give us important insights into Egyptian social life, how Egyptians viewed their society and the greater world, and how different classes in Egypt might have interacted. Namely, both…

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  • Plovdiv Research Paper

    Plovdiv is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Its history dates as far back as 4000BC. It’s known that Athens is the oldest city, but Plovdiv is even older. In February 2015 when there were holidays in Bulgaria I decided to use a chance and go to Plovdiv with my friends. It was 5:50 am and half an hour till the bus leaves from the station. Blagoevgrad was dark and peaceful. Only street lights with their yellow light gave an opportunity to see objects a few meters ahead. The city was…

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  • Civilization In Ancient Egypt

    Usually, civilization would mean that besides the spoken language there would be a written language, a religion or belief, a type of governmental system, and little pieces of their culture like art, statues, and/or music. Luckily the Egyptians had everything that falls into that list and then some to help their civilization stand. This was only possible because of all the prosperity they had. Furthermore, they would experiment and adapt things into their culture such as creating hieroglyphics…

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  • Ancient Egyptian Kings Summary

    After reading Sherine El-Menshawy’s article entitled, “Notes on the Human Characteristics of Ancient Egyptian Kings”, I found it very interesting. My reason for that is because there are so many theories and opinions of each King. The reasoning for Sherine’s article to be able to get a closer look at this kings and to show us things about them that we have never seen before. I noticed a lot of insight in the article from different people and historians, especially in the first couple of pages…

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  • Church Observation

    I associate myself to be Christian, Baptist to be exact. The Church I attended on Sunday the 23rd of October is called St. Michaels Archangel Church in downtown Greenville. Their religion is Coptic Orthodox and in comparison to my own church, it was very different. The Coptic Orthodox Church I attended was very traditional and so much was happening. To compare their Church to my own church, I will briefly describe the procedures and beliefs of my own. There are usually 2-3 services offered…

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  • Coptic Community Reflective Essay

    Because I am a Coptic Orthodox Christian, my religion and culture have always been intertwined. However, I used to view my education as apart from them, as there was only one other Copt in my high school and there were none in my elementary or middle school. When I began this semester at NJIT, I realized that I had been missing something for the past thirteen years of my schooling. In just a matter of weeks, I found myself at home within the Coptic community here. I have recognized a few of its…

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  • Fayum Portraits Analysis

    Introduction: In 1888, William Flinders Petrie excavated different parts of the sprawling oasis area of Fayum in Alexandria -Egypt- (SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE, 2012). Petrie directed his attention to excavations done in the Pyramid of Amenemhet III (Tour Egypt, n.d.). In the pyramid, hundreds of mummies were found with fascinating portraits of the mummified bodies (SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE, 2012). The funeral portraits are know as the Fayum portraits and were later found all around Egypt (SMITHSONIAN…

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  • Ancient Egypt: Herodotus Account Of Egypt And Egypt

    At first glance it may appear that Herodotus’ account of Egypt is a clear-cut description of the country and what he learned there, intended to educate a Greek audience. However, a closer examination reveals that his intentions and motivations may have been different that originally assumed. The opening passage exemplifies the sort of conflicted view of the Egyptians that the author so frequently presents. Though, at times, he emphasizes their otherness, he seems to admire their achievements and…

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  • Essay On The Ancient Egyptian Social System

    Throughout history, most early civilizations have had a social order, or more commonly known as a caste system. However, one of the best known social systems is the hierarchy of ancient Egypt. The pyramid, which was used to be the final resting place for the Pharaohs and their queens, resembles the structure of their society. Beginning at the tip of the pyramid are the Pharaohs, the rulers of ancient Egypt, and at the base is the servants and slaves. There is a significant divide between each…

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