The Sumerian Civilization

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Writings most unique attribute is its ability to last centuries unaltered. Some documents are created for the present alone such as to do list and letters while some documents are created to last for centuries and are written to survive the trials of time. In general, durable writing materials required excessive time and labor to produce. Written eye witness testimonies became more reliable and trusted than recited oral history. Through deciphering and translation, writings from all times and languages can be understood.
The Sumerian Civilization was not focused on creating lasting messages. The Sumerians were instead focused on the here and now. The documents found representing this civilization, were preserved unintentionally by the baking
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The great thinkers of Egypt called on the previously paved foundation of knowledge laid down in ancient manuscripts. Royal documents were formed from the finest and most durable writing materials attainable. Scribes copied old documents onto fresh surfaces to preserve them. These scribes observed the decay and fragility of writing inscripted on papyrus, unbaked clay, and fabric surfaces. From these observations, scribes developed efficient stone carving processes and learned to bake clay tablets in the sun. Pharaoh desired immortality; the one way believed to achieve this eternal life was for the Pharaohs thoughts, words, and deeds to never be forgotten. By carving in stone what they wanted to be remembered for in stone, the Pharaohs felt that they had left a part of themselves to better future generations. By using durable writing materials, the Egyptian Civilization was able to leave a clear …show more content…
They relied on clay, stone, and leather. The Sumerian Civilization used writing for basic bookkeeping and theocracy. The lack of innovative uses of writing paint a bleak picture of Sumeria. A major reason writing was not fully utilized is that the common Sumerian citizen could not write or read. Only scribes and high ranking officials were granted this privilege. Documents from the Sumerian Civilization were not designed to last. Carved into weak stone conglomerates and scratched onto soft clay tablets words quickly faded into nonexistence. Fortunately for historians today, the desert climate managed to preserve a wide variety of

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