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  • Egyptian Pound Analysis

    Pt20, Pt25, Pt50 Banknotes: Freq Used: £5, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200 ( Egyptian Pound rates, news, and tools) Language and Religion: The official language of Egypt is Arabic. The country does have a low literacy rate but among the educated most of them are fluent in English or french or both, in addition to Arabic. In survey done by the Economist in 2013 shows that the english literacy rate 4.74 out of 8.0 which is low but it is ranked 4th in the Middle East and is better than some European countrie. The Egyptian people are known to be friendly and helpful so getting around with just English would be fine. The official religion of Egypt is Islam. he country has long been a centre of Islamic scholarship, and al-Azhar University,located in Cairo, is widely…

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  • The Cairo Trilogy Analysis

    The Cairo Trilogy, written by one of the most outstanding novelists of the Middle East, Naguib Mahfouz, covers life in Cairo since the Egypt's revolt against the British occupation in 1919 and anticipates Egypt's official independence in 1952. The issues of Egypt discussed in the novel remind of issues of Egyptian society nowadays, including moderate versus radical Islam, military repression, and the role of women inside and outside of the household. The trilogy explores different dimensions of…

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  • Ancient Egypt Analysis

    change caused this one unique population of fish to be simplified and increase the production of fishing industries due to the amount of fish that can be fished. With all the great advancements that Ancient Egypt had, they were able to respect the Nile River because they knew of the wealth it provided them with in its most humble living period. The Nile this day also faces problems of pollution. In the city of Cairo, Egypt the city has increased the phosphorous and nitrogen conditions of the…

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  • How Is Karim Rashid Created

    The name given is Karim Bin Rashid. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is an industrial designer originating in Egypt and his birth in Canada. He was born in 1960 and in 2017 his age grew at 57 years. Now he lives in Cairo, Egypt. He has produced many products from his own designs or ideas. Among the designs that have been produced are luxury items, furniture, lighting, surface design, brand identity, packaging and so on. Thus, he has been awarded the title of Time Magazine which has described it…

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  • How The Pyramids Shaped Ancient Egypt

    About 3,500 years. Some 600 miles up the Nile valley, south of Cairo, you come upon the Valley of the Kings. Here the pharaohs made secret tombs in the sides of mountains. The Valley of the Kings is one of the most isolated spots on earth. Almost nothing grows there – no tree, no shrub, no blade of grass. The sun hits down from an everlastingly clear sky whose bright blue is the only colour divergence to the dull, constant dark gold rock and sand, hills and valley floor. All along the desert…

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  • The Shi 'A Ismaʿili Da' Wat In Khuras Book Analysis

    caliphate, the term dāʿī was equally applicable to those who summoned people towards the Ismaili imams of the time. The ʿAbbāsids also used the term daʿwa and dāʿī during the Umayyad period, although they never developed a daʿwa system in the same way as the Fatimid imams-caliphs did it. According to al-Ṭabarī’s account, Yaḥyā ibn Zayd was killed in a village of Gūzgānān or Jūzjān of modern-day Afghanistan in 125/742 (al-Ṭabarī, 1996, Vol. X:4342). Farhad Daftary believes that Muḥammad ibn…

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  • Nile Delta Geology

    Chapter One Geology of Nile Delta of Egypt Introduction Egypt is about 1001449 Km², located in the Northern corner of Africa. Nile Delta is controlled with Nile river branches. Nile river is about 6825 Km long. It Extends from Latitude 4° S to 31° N from Ethiopia, Kenyan plateau and African highland to the Mediterranean sea. It’s the longest river in the world. Without Nile River and its valley Fig. (1.1) Egypt is mainly a desert country ( Sestini ,1995) The present Nile Delta region is…

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  • Common Social Differences Of Ancient Egypt And The Roman Empire

    aqueducts, the emperor was able to build new cities in captured territory, even thousands of miles away. This is the reason why the Roman Empire extended from Spain all the way to the Mesopotamian region. Ancient Egypt did not use aqueducts, thus water supply was limited. Since accessibility to water sources was scarce in the humid region, cities mainly “developed in the delta and valley regions of the Nile River” (Egypt). The fertile soil and easy access to water made farming a common job…

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  • Alexandria's Metamorphosis

    On the one hand, Naguib Mahfouz chose Alexandria as a setting for Miramar. He wrote about it after the Nasser's revolution when only few traces of the cosmopolitan still there. However, it seems from the comparison he made between Cairo and Alexandria that Alexandria is drastically affected by the departure of the Alexandrians with foreign origins and foreigners. Alexandria in the novel is not only a setting or environment, but also a state of mind, symbol or a philosophy. Each character has…

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  • Egypt Overpopulation Problems Essay

    bathing, cooking, and farming- it meant life. This explains why Egypt was referred to as ‘The Gift of the Nile’ where all its richness and prosperity is owed to the Nile that turned a portion of the desert country into arable land. Also, this is why most of the Egyptian population cluster up in 4% of the vast Egyptian land (UN, 2005). Add to that the availability of services and hence development being limited to major cities, and the result is Egypt’s overpopulation problem. With a rising…

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