How Is Karim Rashid Created

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The name given is Karim Bin Rashid. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is an industrial designer originating in Egypt and his birth in Canada. He was born in 1960 and in 2017 his age grew at 57 years. Now he lives in Cairo, Egypt. He has produced many products from his own designs or ideas. Among the designs that have been produced are luxury items, furniture, lighting, surface design, brand identity, packaging and so on. Thus, he has been awarded the title of Time Magazine which has described it as "the world's most famous industrial designer, especially America "and" Plastic Prince ". He is also based in New York City, as well as Belgrade, Miami, Mexico and other countries.
Karim Rashid received his Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design in
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He has also been a lot of inspiration in terms of designs that have been produced. He not only produces an item of industry but also produces various types of products that are attractive to the community, especially to further develop an economy and to produce thousands of ideas to develop a nation. Although he is a graduate in the field of industrial design, he is also involved in fashion and graphics. In the fashion field, she has summarized 38 types of fashion clothes from various countries and most of them are contemporary-themed or contemporary. In the field of graphics, she has completed 50 different types of projectors and is very interesting among them Megafon Branding, Anetasia Vodka, Mod Design Branding and so on .. With a variety of designs or outcomes that have been presented make himself an example for myself to continue the struggle in the field of design but also motivate me never to give up and every start starts from below. As such, with the aspirations that he has produced has made me stunned to continue the struggle in the industrial …show more content…
He uses his own name on his website. In terms of content that has been displayed on his website is to introduce his work such as making furniture, making various types of products, lighting or lighting, introducing results in terms of media and so on. Additionally, he has featured 260 very attractive furniture projects, 198 sophisticated products and 70 packing projects and more. In his womb, he uses different colors to differentiate each item of the project that has been produced. Hence, with his work he deserves the award from various parties for example. In 2010 Rashid won the Pentawards, a packing packaging packaging competition in whole world. The award (silver) was won by Box House and Karim Rashid Studio. He is the first designer to receive this special Pentaward for his creative excellence in packaging

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