My Lovely Art Analysis: Professor Donald Elder

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My lovely Art Have you ever thing what is the art for the people? The arts are something that people love to look at, and they enjoy their time by looking at them. I chose a lovely picture that I would love to talk about in this essay, which is “Professor Donald Elder” because I can describe four things which are the think-looking, description of the work, analyze the line element, analyze the color.

The most thing that attract people to love the art is the think-looking. Norman Rockwell drew the “Professor Donald Elder” in a great way that make people think widely because they might think this is the great way to teach the children by doing some fun and some serious behavior, and that make the people happy because of that. In addition,
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First, the teacher is standing up in front of the student, and she standing agonist the board. Second, there are six children that the appear in this picture. One of the children has an eraser on his head. Three of the children are girls and the rest are boys. Third, there are some food and flowers on the table. Also, the board has a lot of words that on it like Happy birthday and Surprise. In short, we can see many things in the art that I chose.

The artist used the lines in the work in a nice way that make it as a really beautiful art. He used the lines for the teacher in a great way that make her beautiful. Also, He used the line to draw the children that in the class in a nice way that make them cute students. Moreover, the lines that the artist used to draw the teacher’s table are great lines that make the teacher’s table as real as we can see it. Shortly, the lines that the artist used for the work are beautiful.

The colors what the artist use to do this art are great colors. First, the black color that the artist used to draw the board makes the board in a great shape. Second, the brown color that the artist used for the floor and the tables are the great color to use. Third, the white and gray that the artist used to draw the teacher’s clothes are lovely

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