Karl Lagerfeld Research Paper

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Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most eminent fashion designers in today’s fashion industry. He was born in Hamburg, Germany on September 10th 1938. Karl is mainly recognized for being the head designer and creative director of the acclaimed fashion label Coco Chanel and Fendi. As a young boy, Karl grew up in a wealthy home alongside two sisters; his father was a businessman, and his mother an accomplished violin player, avid fan of fine fragrances, and an inspiration to Karl for her great sense of style. Aside from being inspired by his mother, Karl derived part of his inspiration from history books, and their lessons on costumes through the ages. Additionally, as a young boy Karl never attended public school, but rather was educated by private …show more content…
“He managed to smoothly blend his visions into Chanel's traditional look, making the label's traditional suit fashionable again, and fusing chic with street style to extend its appeal to younger customers” (Biography in Context). Lagerfeld was not only able to revive Chanel’s fashion house, but managed to incorporate his own style and created something new and fresh worthy of being acclaimed and loved by consumers. Such new creations according to Gale database: included mixing a Chanel tweed jacket with a denim miniskirt, and combining leather jackets and lace-up boots with long, flowing skirts. It was through working with fashion house Chanel that Karl soon adopted his sleek signature style turned trademark. “Dark suits, a ponytail, and sunglasses at all times in all conditions” (Biography in Context). His style is reflected through his designs mainly in black and white, airy as well as well tailored and structured pieces, while also dabbling with clean graphic pieces. In terms of accessories, he keeps them minimalistic, with accents of fur, sometimes edgy similar to his shoes. He is ultimately the master of classic simplicity, modernism, and

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