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  • Controlling Relationships In Breathing Underwater

    Nick wants Caitlin to only need him and rely on him, there are moments in the story where he tells her not to go to places or not to do things because it would embarrass the both of them or other guys would see her or the friends she hangs out with aren’t cool enough to hang out with his friends. There is an example of this when Nick tries to get Caitlin to stop hanging with her best friend and more of him. Nick and Caitlin would go on dates and Nick would drive well Caitlin’s best friend would tag along with them on the dates and drives they would have and just push herself in-between them and ruin their whole date because Caitlin’s best friend didn’t like nick at all and not even the slightest. Cait wanted to go to a football game once in the story and nick told her she shouldn’t go because he didn’t want her to be surrounded by other guys without him so that made him scared so he kept saying negative things to her then called her a name a sort of made her cry after that she decided she didn’t want to go anymore ”Cat you’re not going to go to the game without me right”(83,Flinn). Nick made Caitlin choose between him and so many other things that she wanted to do but he just simply wouldn’t let her be without him or have any type of attention from other people because it made him extremely…

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  • Theme Of Close Doors In James Lehman's 'Breathing Underwater'

    (Nick Andreas,pg.79) in this scene Nick is accused for stealing beer from his father fridge but his father doesn’t let Nick example himself without his father lifting up his hand to hit him. Nonetheless Nick is the same way with Caitlin, Nick accuses Caitlin on cheating on him without knowing for sure if she is cheating on him and when Caitlin was trying to let him know that it wasn 't true Nick instead of talking to each other Nick hits her. “You hit me,” Caitlin says ( Caitlin,…

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  • The Killings And Todd Fields In The Bedroom Analysis

    Andre Dubus “The Killings” and Todd Fields In the Bedroom present the theme of grief, revenge and how a good person can commit an evil act; through the different uses of characters, plot, and tone. There are very subtle changes between the story and the film adaption, with some parts of the film quoting the story word for word. While the director keeps the film in very close likeness to the story, there are subtle changes we can compare and contrast. Beginning with the characters, right…

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  • In The Bed Bedroom Analysis

    Authors and directors have to make many choices to make when writing a story or writing a script for a movie, and each choice could have a very impactful outcome to the characters in the work. The different choices the director or writer makes can add drama, suspense, and emotion to their works. In the short story “Killings,” and in the movie, “In the Bedroom,” author Andre Dubus, and director Todd Fields made impactful decisions that added suspense and emotion throughout their work, and these…

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  • How Is Batman Better Than Superman

    Until he took a boy named Dick Grayson under his wing when his parents were brutally murdered. He did this because the boy reminded Bruce of himself when he was little. (Bruce’s parents had been murdered too) The boy had soon found out Bruce wasn't who he said he was, and found out he was Batman. So Bruce trained the boy to become his sidekick naming him after a brave and full of hope bird. (Robin) Robin soon quit his job saying he was sick of Batman being too bossy and called Bruce a, “Control…

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  • Essay Of Jason Todd And Bucky Barnes

    This is a paper about two amazing comic book characters. Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes are often considered so similar that they might as well be the same character. Jason Todd is a DC character created in March 1983 as a sidekick for Batman to replace his first prodigy, Dick Grayson. Bucky Barnes is a Marvel character created in March 1941 as a sidekick for Captain America. The two boys share several critical personality traits, but overall are very different. In Life James Buchannan “Bucky”…

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  • Life Revealed In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Some may consider Mary Shelley’s novel, “Frankenstein”, to be a horror, romance, or even science fiction. Although she has written other novels, “Frankenstein” is the most remembered (Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Biography). This British science fiction novel has been adapted into several films and TV shows. The novel is told in the form of letters, but the perspectives are from Walton, Victor, and the Creature. The novel is about a skilled scientist, who in his search for greatness creates an…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hard Work

    Starting a new job can be stressful when one is not well instructed. A lot of things in workplace can be understood when we actually start working, however, we should be aware about the minimum basic things that might show up during our early work days. These things though might be simple but lack of experience may make it look unethical or unprofessional. In this scenario, as a senior worker it is also my responsibility to make my work area look professional, at least for the position that I…

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  • Essay On Feminism In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

    Is it a cliché to say that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is my favorite fiction novel of all time? In this last spring semester I took a film and literature class that was dedicated to Jane Austen. In my opinion, she is absolutely brilliant. Pride and Prejudice is about an older couple and their five daughters. By no means are they wealthy. So, their mother, Mrs. Bennet, stresses out to find them a suitable man. All of the daughters except one believe that a man of fortune is the key to…

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  • The American Dream Chapter 1 Summary

    Mary Surrat and others on page 278: “But Mary’s physical appearance, like that of her co-conspirators, began to change as the trial stretched into its sixth and seventh weeks…The other conspirators underwent physical changes for a very different reason” (278). And the observation that “Mary Lincoln never recovered” and “she insisted on wearing only the color black for the rest of her life” (284) is indicative of a major change in this character. Although there aren’t many figures of speech used…

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