Calcium-sensing receptor

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  • Sex Differences

    1 mg/kg s.c. agonist CB1 receptor WIN 55,212-2, a 3 mg/kg s.c. antagonist AM251, and a 1 ml/kg s.c. vehicle. This study had two parts to it with one focusing on the behavioral aspects of the animals and the other on the biological aspects. Behavioral…

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  • Medical Surgical Essay

    MEDICAL TERMINOLOGICAL 1. BLADDER CALCULUS – Bladder Calculus is also known as bladder stone and are caused due to building up of minerals in the body. 2. DIFFICULTY IN MICTURITION – Difficulty in micturition is known as difficulty in the discharge of the urine from the bladder. 3. TURD – Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate is a surgery used to treat urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate. 4. BNR – Bladder Neck Reconstruction 5. LSCS – Lower Segment Caesarean section is also called…

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  • Alkalinity Lab

    coagulation more difficult (1). In coagulation, when the alkalinity naturally present in water is insufficient, calcium hydroxide and sodium carbonate can be added to supply alkalinity to react with the coagulant(6). Alkalinity (carbonate and bicarbonate) affects corrosion rates of some metals. A published document (5) refers that some metals solubility is increased at low pH as well as high alkalinity. The alkalinity of most surface waters is principally a function of carbonate, bicarbonate,…

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  • Funny Bones Research Paper

    mineral, which is primarily calcium, in an area of the bone. Bone density is lost as people age. It has been linked to two thirds of a bone's strength (Sutton 33, 79,189). Bone density correlates to the strength of the bone. It is a concise way to measure this. Without strong bones, horrible consequences can occur. The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that nearly 34 million people have low bone density on top of the 10 million who suffer from osteoporosis, a disease of low bone…

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  • Diet Sodas And Soda Diets

    phosphoric acid. Phosphorus is an essential for all cells in the body. This is because “it is involved in cell signaling, bone formation, and acid-base regulation”(cefic). The compound earlier stated, hydroxyapatite contains both calcium and phosphorus, which are critical for growth and development of the bone structure, as well as the maintenance throughout life. Phosphorus is a mineral acid found in many different foods naturally; however, the amount found in diet soda is unnatural. Elson M.…

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  • Chemistry: Calcium And Magnesium

    percent of the 8 elements form the mass of the earth’s crust, ocean and atmosphere. Two of the most abundant elements of the eight are calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are located on the periodic table located both in group 2 sharing the same family meaning that they share chemical property’s as well as the same valence electron because of their location and family relation to the period table. The alkaline metals are a reactive group of metals and combine with other elements so…

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  • Bone Scan Case Study

    Patients that will be excluded will be patients that - have thyroid problems - are unfit patients - are on a stretcher or wheel chair in order to minimise their discomfort and reduce the time they spend in the department filling out a consent form as well as having to have to take bone supplements. - Patients excluded will also be those patients in which the injection gets tissued (the entire injection isn’t intravenous some are intramuscular). - Hyperthyroid as well as hypothyroid patients…

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  • Soapy Water Experiment Results

    In the experiment, I tested how soapy water would affect the amount of droplets the penny can hold. The results of my experiment show that the penny holds less droplets of soap water. When the soap is added to the water, the soap collides with water breaking down the tension. As a result, it harder for the droplets to hold together. To find whether my hypothesis was right, I did several of trials to figure out whether my hypothesis was correct. The trials were used to show how soap can change…

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  • Essay On Osteoporosis

    I chose the topic of osteoporosis because it is a disease that almost every old person face after their bones wears down. Osteoporosis is when your bones do not have enough calcium and due to that the bones become brittle and weak. Old people and postmenopausal have the higher risk of getting this disease due to their bones getting older and weaker. Younger people wouldn’t have this problem if they ate enough calcium. Bones are an important part of your body because half of your body is bones…

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  • Soap Vs Detergent

    The Difference between Detergent and Soap The reason for this case study is to dissect the Difference between detergent and soap. In this case study, I will define the meaning of the cleaning agents, I will give you an introductory, I will discover how they are made, I will discover how they work, and why one cleaning agents is better than the other. This case study will be designed using the descriptive scientific method. The meanings of Detergent and Soap A detergent is a substance that cleans…

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