Egyptian Pound Analysis

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The Egyptian Pound is the currency of Egypt. The currency code for Pounds is EGP, and the currency symbol is £. Recently As of December 5th one USD equals 18.1 EGP. Egypt 's central bank floated the pound in an attempt to stabilize its economy, which has been hampered by a shortage of dollars. Inflation: 11.00% Coins: Freq Used: £1, Pt1, Pt5, Pt10, Pt20, Pt25, Pt50 Banknotes: Freq Used: £5, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200 ( Egyptian Pound rates, news, and tools)
Language and Religion:
The official language of Egypt is Arabic. The country does have a low literacy rate but among the educated most of them are fluent in English or french or both, in addition to Arabic. In survey done by the Economist in 2013 shows that the english literacy rate 4.74 out of 8.0 which is low but it is ranked 4th in the Middle East and is better than some European countrie. The Egyptian people are known to be friendly and helpful so getting around with just English would be fine. The official religion of Egypt is Islam. he country has long been a centre of Islamic scholarship, and al-Azhar University,located in Cairo, is widely
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