Mesopotamia Essay

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The Arise of Civilizations in Mesopotamia and the Nile River Valley

The Fertile Crescent lies from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. The Fertile Crescent was a land named because of its good soil and its golden wheat fields. Within the Fertile Crescent was a region called Mesopotamia that the ancient Greeks had named later. This meant “between the rivers” where it was located it was between the Tigris river and the Euphrates river. In this area the world’s first civilization arose in Southeastern Mesopotamia and it was Sumer. The Nile rises in the highlands of Ethiopia and the lakes of Central Africa.
The Sumerians over time started to study the stars and make out the stars to be shapes. The Sumerians also recorded the movement of stars and planets. They made a number system based on the number six. They divided the hour in to sixty minutes and the circle into three hundred and sixty degrees. The Egyptians had to know mathematics to build the pyramids. The Egyptians knew Geometry. The Egyptian religion involved obeying the pharaoh who was the ruler over Egypt. But Egyptians believed that the pharaoh has an afterlife were once the pharaoh dies he has to be safe and protected, when his soul comes back to his body he can achieve immortality and rule over Egypt once again. In order for
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Where Egypt is located it prevents invasion, and it also limits how many people can settle. Farming villages were settled along the border line of the Nile this was one of the contributing factors to arise the civilizations. The farmers took advantage of the Nile valley river to grow wheat and flax. In Sumer they also used the soil to their power which also helped them start civilizations. Egypt is has a better geographical location because they are more protected because of their surroundings. Where Mesopotamia has a lot of open

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