Sun God Ra Research Paper

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Life was extremely different at the time of ancient Egypt. The culture and religion was very more symbolic as well as artistic. The representation and reflection of the gods and goddess were precious and very detailed to help the viewers to understand the creation of life. The Egyptians believed in the existence of gods and goddess, who have their own symbolic representations which developed beliefs in different things. One of the most important deity at the time was the sun god Ra, this god was significant in holding his presence in the minds of the Egyptians when it came to the evolution of the world. Egyptians worshipped Ra since the the symbolic objects he was most illustrated with, presented his power and importance to the people of ancient Egypt, making him known as the sun god of the universe. To express why the Egyptians believed Ra was the sun god, the readers would look into the myths that happened to bring light into the symbols that concludes the entity of Ra.

Ra supposedly originated in the city of the sun, known as Heliopolis. His evolution was a significant entity that
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In this myth the sun god, Ra is illustrated to show how it was important for Ra to have his boat to help aid him in travelling. We also get the clear clear understanding that Ra was a very influential and important god, that he had a part to play in the underworld as well. In the myth it is stated that the sun god, Ra would ride across the horizon in his golden ship, bringing light and warmth to earth. He was also mentioned to be the sun god of the underworld, because when the sun would set on earth he would descend to the underworld to shed light and air to the people there. There is also another myth that refers to the sun god sailing on a boat along the body of Nut for the day and as well as travelling through her body at

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