How Did Religion Influence Western Civilization

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Religion played a huge role in the western civilization. It's what brought countries together and separated them. Religion has had major blows to the western civilizations like the ancients Egyptians and Mesopotamians to the Greeks and Romans, and eventually the Germanic Tribes that moved south and the rise of Islam.

The First is Ancient Egypt were Pharaoh thought that he was a god in a humans body and also was polytheism. They believed each pharaoh had a divine spark in them. This spark was known as "Ka" and it was believed that every pharaoh had a Ka from Ra the sun god. It was believed that when every the pharaoh died their male heir would retain the spark and would have it till they died. The people of ancient Egypt believed this because
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The priest-king saw him self as not being a god himself ,but rather having the gods on his side. The priest-king ran everything from being the head of the military to being the high priests. They also conducted religious action in their temples called ziggurats. Mesopotamia also had a combined church and state kind of like Egypt.

The Greeks were people that were polytheistic as well. They believed that the gods of Olympus inter breaded with mortals on earth to create demi-gods. Another example is Alexander the Great. His empire brings the idea that the gods had something to do with his vase empire. Also thanks to Alexander many other polytheistic gods were turned into Greek savior gods or goddess.

Then there was the Romans. Just like the other western nations they had a polytheistic view in their religion. During later Roman rule one man named Diocletian claimed he ruled with a divine comrade. He was a believer in Hellenistic that the gods made him the emperor. He then persecuted Christians by death ,because Christian subjects didn't believe In the other gods. The persecution lasted until Constantine wanted more power and during battle he saw the Greek symbol that means "Christ" followed by something saying "You will conquer through this." Afterwards he removes the Great Persecution act and rebuild churches followed by making Christianity the official language of

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