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  • Egyptian Mythology: The Story Of Isis And Osiris

    One of the main details that you may notice is the virgin birth just as Jesus in the Christian religion. ”The story of the Virgin Birth originated, over 4000 years ago, in ancient Kemet (Egypt). Osiris, Horus, and Isis were the prototypes for the contemporary versions of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Unfortunately, Christianity has limited significance of the female and reduced her role to the vague and nebulouse position of a Holy Ghost.” (“From the Browder File” written by Anthony Browder pg72”) As you have just read the goddess Isis was not just in the story but play a major role in the story. She is responsible for helping Osiris teach the people of Egypt how to plant and harvest wheat and grain. When Osiris left Egypt to visit other parts of the world it was Isis who was left in charge until his return. She was the one that looked out for Osiris while others plotted against him. Isis was so instrumental in this story if it wasn’t for…

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  • Sun God Ra Research Paper

    bring light to earth. He has the ability of producing life on earth, as well as removing life altogether, is one of the most interesting myths to every form on the basis of Ra. He sheds light and warmth in the morning, bringing a new day for the people of Egypt, as well as returning earth to its night time. He is the god who controlled the universe existence. The name Ra signifies sunlight, warmth and growth. Due to the primary sources discovered, it is obvious that the Egyptians believed to…

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  • Brian Mettenbrik Research Paper

    Meet Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, an unsuspecting 20-year-old computer geek from Nebraska. He looks just like you and me, acts just like you and me, but yet there is a defining difference about him that separates us: he will be serving a year sentencing in a federal prison for his relation to the 2008 DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack on the Church of Scientology’s website called Project Chanology. The goal of a DDoS attack is to overwhelm the targeted website with repeated access…

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  • Horus Movie Analysis

    alternative Egypt, In this world, the earth is flat and gods live among mortal humans, Gods rule over humans as their kings and queen. The way you can tell if someone royalty, They are distinguished from humans by their greater height, golden blood, and ability to transform into animal-headed deity forms. Bek, a mortal thief, Zaya, caring women Was attend the coronation of Horus, The Sky god by his father king Osiris. But, during the ceremony, Osiris was killed by his jealous brother Set, gold…

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  • Horus Hero's Journey Essay

    question by saying “my mom” or “my dad”. A hero could be someone who you have never met, nor ever knew existed. But what about Horus? Most people who hear the name Horus will think of the god’s son. They see him as a drunk who parties every day, also someone who doesn't do anything all day. But in the film Gods of Egypt he proves he is worthy of becoming a God. When referring to Campbell's book A hero with a thousand faces, Horus goes through the stages of becoming a hero as Campbell noted.…

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  • Convocation To Horus Research Paper

    thou may be, the satisfied eye of Horus. One nmś.t- - the container of water. Thot, he has given his head to him. A pitcher of water. He has made it be conveyed to him. One beverage of water. O N., I have come looking for thee I am Horus. I have squeezed for thee thy mouth. I am thy child, thy darling. I have opened for thee thy mouth. He is the protector of his mom when she sobs for him, the shield of her who is united with him. How high is the state of thy mouth after I have balanced…

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  • Horus Narmer: King Of The First Dynasty

    Horus Narmer is usually considered the first king of the 1st Dynasty, perhaps even the first to have ruled over the whole of Egypt, or as the last king of the Predynastic Period. He is one of the first Egyptian kings to have left some historical records. Very little is known about the king we call Horus Narmer. Even the reading and meaning of his name are not certain. What we do know is that his name has been found throughout Egypt, which is sometimes interpreted that Narmer was the first king…

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  • Child Of Atum Analysis

    Osiris N., I am Isis I have come, the darling of the earth, to the spot where thou stays I now set thy name in thee. In thine arms, he retaliates for thee. He has shone flawlessly upon thee, in thy name of "Skyline whence Rē'goes forward." Thine arms have grasped him he does not withdraw himself from thee. To say Osiris N., join Need. One have united thy appendages for thee I have put thy heart in its place. Osiris N., in, or, as … Osiris N. I have brought thy heart for thee into thy body I have…

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  • Mythology: Similarities And Differences

    central god and one of the three deities of the trimurtri in Hinduism. The circle and cross behind Jesus head is from astrology. A lot of Christian ideals are linked to mythology: the end of an age, Christian symbols, and word symbolism in the bible. When Moses says, “the end of an age,” it means the age of Taurus was ending. The links between astrology and Christianity are endless (Zeitgeist). Egyptian mythology also has a lot of similarities to Christianity. The Egyptian god Osiris died and…

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  • Anubis By Isis Research Paper

    of paradise are open for thee the swinging doors of Nut are open for thee the swinging doors of paradise are open for thee the swinging doors of ḳbḥ.w are open for thee. "Welcome," says Isis "come in peace," says Nephthys, when they see their sibling. Raise thyself up unfasten thy swathes shake off thy dust. Sit thou upon this thy firm throne. Thou workmanship immaculate with thy four nmś.t-jugs and thy four 'ȝb.t-containers, which aim to get thee out of thy sanctuary of neutron, which were…

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