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  • Aztec Hot Chocolate Research Paper

    Literature 10 January 2017 How to: Aztec Hot chocolate The Aztecs have a very famous recipe for hot chocolate or Xocolatl ( from the Nahuatl words meaning “bitter water”) as it was called by the Aztecs (Fiona Mair). Although, the chocolate they made in those times is quite different from the chocolate they make today. The Aztecs were known for their cocoa. The cocoa plant was very important to the Aztecs. They used it for many things like currency, for wines and of course hot chocolate. If it weren’t for the Aztecs, who introduced hot chocolate to the Spanish who brought it home and shared their version of it around the world we wouldn’t have the hot chocolate we had today. The recipe for making hot chocolate is very simple and not very time consuming. Before, learning how to make hot chocolate like the Aztecs did, a brief history of hot chocolate and the cocoa bean itself and its cultivation is in order.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Luxury Of Childhood

    could not keep standing. Slowly, scrabbling with my hands through the darkness from which I was conjuring different images, mostly of masquerades or lions, I found the doorknob. I was excited; I was in front of my house. I knocked on the door softly at first and harder subsequently. Firstly, I heard murmurings then a voice asked in an anxious but bold way; the way you would ask if a thief knocked on your door. ‘Who is that?’ It was my daddy’s voice. ‘It is me, Lola.’ I heard the…

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  • Bucktown's Hot Chocolate Restaurant: Case Study

    The James Beard Award-winning chef, Mindy Segal, who is also behind Bucktown's Hot Chocolate restaurant will be launching a cannabis- infused desert in Illinois. One of Chicago's renowned chefs is partnering with cannabis cultivator Cresco Labs to create a line of marijuana-infused sweet treats. Some of the pastries include infused granola bites, chocolate brittle bars, infused hot chocolate drinks, cookie mix and do-it yourself cakes. Charles Bachtell, the founder of Cresco, Illinois' largest…

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  • Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Cake Recipe A perfect chocolate cake recipe is not so easy to come by. Most people have tried several times to make a yummy chocolate cake recipe but failed after trying so many recipes. Chocolate cake can be made with chocolate and some other ingredients such as vanilla cream and sweeteners. Types of Chocolate Cake There are different types of chocolate cake. The most popular been: Chocolate layer cake Souffle cake Ding dong Traditional chocolate cake Fudge cake German chocolate…

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  • Personal Narrative: For The Love Of Whipped Cream

    For the love of a whipped cream As a child I always ask the waiters not to forget to top my hot chocolate drink with lots of whipped cream. So yummy, Whipped cream with hot chocolate- I can do this every day! ,that is how I thought to myself. I think I consumed whipped cream more than fruits or veggies, I thought nothing can taste better than that. On cold winter days, I will sneak Mitzi, our street cat, she was black and white, little chubby, looking for love, a petting hand, anything that…

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  • Hershey Company Essay

    50 largest global confectionery markets. They create chocolate, gum and candy brands. There are nearly 50,000 employees in over 60 countries and sell their products in markets everywhere around the worldCadbury, which is the world's second largest confectionery company, the second largest chewing gum company, the third largest soft drinks company, is also the only company that has a chocolate, candy and gum products, is a leading a large, growing, brand-led industry. It has a great market shares…

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  • Milk Chocolate Research Paper

    Chocolate Chocolate is the snack that everyone enjoys but why those who are lactose intolerant can’t enjoy it as well? What does chocolate really contain? Does it have some ingredient that we should worry about? Why can’t a dog digest chocolate? Is there a way for someone who is lactose intolerant to digest milk chocolate without having any negative effects? It is said that chocolate comes from a cocoa bean but how is it transformed into a delicious chocolate bar? Many civilians love to devour…

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  • Nestle Beauty Age Case Study

    In 1905 as a result of the merge with Anglo-Swiss condense company also a company of Henri Nestle what’s known today as the Nestle Group was created. Nestle company started industrializing and exporting chocolate for the first time with the help of Henri Nestle and his previous experience making chocolate milk in 1875 when he supplied condense milk. In 1905 the company had over 20 different factories but they two head offices, in Vevey and Cham that controlled exports. By this the company…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Make Cupcakes

    Maria Flores Professor Cain English 1301-309 18 October 2017 Chocolate Cupcakes: Lazy People Edition Baking is an amazing way to show someone your affection. From birthday cakes to a simple cupcake for when a loved one is feeling down, or for a special occasion. But what happens when you are lazy person? Or you are too busy, but you already told someone that you would take your special baked cupcakes to the party? So here you have an easier way to bake those delicious chocolate cupcakes and…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Krispy Kreme

    5. Krispy Kreme a.) Product: Doughnuts i. Offering - Signature hot doughnut (tasty) -They have diff. variety of doughnuts -the texture of doughnut ii. Performance -They always provide / offer new cooked doughnuts with their signature great texture products. iii. Aesthetics - Great aesthetic image too. It’s appealing in the eye. iv. Conformance - They really ensure to conduct and apply their company’s vision and mission for real. v. Reliability - A mouth-watering doughnuts like…

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