Personal Narrative: The Luxury Of Childhood

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The Luxury of Childhood It was a bright and sunny Monday morning; a sermon was playing on the car radio though we were not paying so much attention because we were lost in our thoughts. My uncle was driving to work and was going to drop me and my four-year-old cousin, who was sitting in her car seat with a bowl of fruit loops in her laps, in school. This Monday morning, like every other morning, I was reflecting on my day and week, checking in my head for assignments and readings to make sure I had not left anything out. Suddenly, my thoughts were disrupted when my cousin screamed, “Why did you do that?! Bad, Stop!” My uncle and I were alarmed. We looked back, wondering why she was screaming and shouted. It was her fruit loops. …show more content…
We had never seen them before, but soon their daughter, Helena, and I became friends. Helena was tall and as skinny as the hand of a bug. She looked amusing to me because she had rectangular shaped objects close together attached to her teeth. I did not know this was braces until my sister had to get one. She took me to her room where she had a lot of toys, like dolls of all the Disney princesses and we played with them together. We decided to play a game called school. The toys would be the students and one of us the teacher. The problem was only one of us could teach at a time, but we both wanted to go first. Then, a fight broke out. Her mum was passing by the room when she heard cries. We both were crying. Her mom listened to our stories, which I doubt she understood. She divided the toys among us, so we had two classes and both of us could now teach. How stupid of us. We should have thought of that from the beginning. Soon, it was time to go. We said our byes in tears. We were going to miss each other though we only became friends some hours ago. The fun was over. I did not know that another event I will never forget was just about to happen. Immediately I got into the car, I adjusted my head and back on the seat several times, moving like an earthworm that salt had been poured on; until I felt

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