Personal Narrative: Growing Up For Myself

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Growing up I was the second child, my sister and I was seven years apart. My childhood days consisted of me sitting in my room playing with my toys. I only played with other children, if my cousins came over. I was very different; I was a tall boy with short hair. I didn’t like the skin I was in too much, because I always got picked on in school. I never talked much; I feel there was nothing to talk about. My mother and stepfather meant a lot to me. My real father only came around short, periods of time.
So my step father took me to do a lot of the father son things I saw the other kids do. I had this one auntie who I loved like a mother. I would love for my mother to drop me off at her house when she had errand. I feel I didn’t fit
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I wasn’t a bad child; I was quiet and stayed to myself. When going to school, I had kids who would bully me sometimes, standing up for me would work and sometimes it didn’t. That’s when I would call my auntie and tell her the things, I had going on in school. She understood me, she would tell me” son everyone is different no one is the same.” I need for you to stand up for yourself. I felt like my mother and stepfather was busy working and after work, they didn’t want to hear me talk about school and my problems. That’s how I felt at the time don’t know if that would be accurate. My stepfather taught me how to be a man, and to overcome myself of being shy. After, finally getting close with my step father, he passed away. I knew then our lives would change. He was the glue that keeps us together. That was another part of me that would be balled up inside. I went to my auntie for advice on how to deal with such disbelief my auntie was there again with open arms. “Sometimes things happen that we don’t have an answer for.” I then felt everything would be ok. As I got older I faced some bad times, my aunt was there to pick up the broken pieces once again. My aunt always told me to be the best I can be and let no one change me. My aunt became very sick over the years and she passed away. I felt my heart melt and my world ending, I didn’t know what to do with myself or how I would go on. My auntie was my best

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