Personal Narrative: Personal Experience: The Transformation Of A Child

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"Miss Jan, Miss Jan," the excited voice shouted over the noise of the crowded mall. My sister and I turned around to see a boy, probably around twelve years old, racing toward her. My sister called him by name, gave him a hug and asked him what was going on in his life. They talked as if they knew each other well. He and his mother chatted with my sister for some time before they left. "One of your students?" I asked. My sister nodded her head.

Throughout the years, this scene constantly repeated itself. It seemed that no matter where we went in public, my sister would run into one of her old students and we 'd hear, "Miss Jan, Miss Jan." It amazed me since "Miss Jan," as her students called her, had taught them in preschool.
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Taking the children under her wing, she mesmerized them. With love and respect she could calm the beast in any child, and other teachers watched in awe when she tamed the unruly trouble maker and she did it without raising her voice or losing her temper. Children not only obeyed her, they fell in love with her, trusting her every move.

The transformation of these kids amazed coworkers and parents alike. And when parents couldn 't understand why their child would do things for Miss Jan and not for their mom or dad, my sister always took the time to explain what she 'd done and make suggestions these parents could implement in their homes. All the while, my sister never judged which made the parents adore her.

When it came time to move out of Miss Jan 's class, I heard sweet stories of how her precious little ones had wanted to stay with her. She earned the title of "mommy" with children who called her that in front of their mothers. And it broke my sister 's heart to know that in some cases, she was the only constant source of love and attention a child would receive throughout the day. She 's had to console many troubled children who had gone through deaths of a parent or divorces, including my grandchildren who attended her school after their parents divorced. With grace and understanding she 's calmed her students ' fears and tried to sooth their

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