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    The hot air balloon is the most successful and oldest transport to hold humans in the flight industry. Hot air balloon drift with the direction of the wind and not propelled. Hot air is stored under the hot air balloon in a bag called the “envelope”. Below the envelope is a gondola or wicker basket. The heated air inside the envelope makes it buoyant since it has a lower density than the relatively cold air outside the envelope. All hot air balloons cannot fly beyond the atmosphere. Modern hot air balloons, with an onboard heat source, were developed by Ed Yost, beginning during the 1950s, his work resulted in his first successful flight, on October 22, 1960. The first modern hot air balloon to be made in the United Kingdom was the Bristol Belle, built in 1967. A hot air balloon for manned flight uses a single-layered, fabric gas bag, with an opening at the bottom called the mouth or throat. Attached to the envelope is a basket, or gondola, for carrying the passengers. Mounted above the basket and centered in the mouth is the burner, which injects a flame into the envelope, heating the air at the same time. The heater or burner is fueled by propane, a…

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  • Hot Air Balloon Essay

    JANUARY 2015 THE HISTORY OF HOT AIR BALLOONS Hot air balloons date back to Zhuge Liang of the Shu Han kingdom (220-280AD) in China. These were used for signaling in the military and are known as Kongming lanterns. Albert’s Magnus who was a German philosopher also contributed with his theory of relative weights. In the 1500s Giovanni de Fontana made a object from cloth and rings of wood. His theory was if a burning brand that made lots of smoke was placed under the pyramid, the air would become…

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  • Hot Air Balloon Analysis

    At one point, Guy walks towards the balloon and lets go of his families hands. By letting go of their hands as he approached the balloon, Guy seems to leave them behind. Even his wife notices that “Guy was lost to her” as he approached the balloon (230). It is possible that Guy subconsciously knows he cannot take them to death, so he is letting go of them. As he stands separated from the balloon by a chain link fence, Guy pulls out a pocket knife and “sharpen[s] the edges on the metal surface of…

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  • Children On The Stand Error

    in his hot air balloon, looking for his lost toy. The children are asked to pay attention to a video and as long as everyone is paying attention and behaving they all get a reward at the end. The animation is roughly 10 minutes long. The goal is that the children will be asked to remember major key details about the video in a neutral setting 3 days after watching the animation and short interview after. The parent and stranger will both ask the same questions and follow the same script. A…

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  • Seeing Annie Dillard Analysis

    She uses the example of the herpetologist to show what she means. A normal person who is not a specialist would look into the ravine and not see any snakes, but the herpetologist, as a specialist, would be able to find many. When I was up in the air, I would say I was trying my best to be a specialist when it came to sight, because I wanted to notice every detail I could on that sunny day. I 'm not a specialist when it comes to noticing details, but I tried to catch everything from the birds…

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  • Juxtaposition In A Wall Of Fire Rising

    From the start he never seems satisfied with the life he has. Then again who would be? Guy is simply not happy with his situation, he longs for more. There is a scene where the boy asks “ What’s the matter with Papy?” (Danticat 71) to which the mother responds by saying “ ‘ His heart hurts’ ” (Danticat 71). Guy is proud of his son and yet ashamed of himself. As he’s talking to his wife he says, “‘ how a man is remembered after he’s gone? I know the answer now… I remember him as a man I would…

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  • Analysis Of The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

    Event Concept The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is a home grown event that seems to have gained interest from the public and media. The uniqueness of the event draws everyone from all around Malaysia and neighbouring countries. For the past 5 years, they have exhibited hot air balloon shows and other aviation sports to the public. Its concept was to create stronger bond between friends and family through all the activities offered by The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon…

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  • Brand Assessment

    Their red, white, and blue RE/MAX hot air balloon is noted as being “one of the most recognized real estate logos” (Gmerek, 2013). The hot air balloon idea was first used by a RE/MAX regional franchise owner during the Albuquerque international balloon festival, and was featured shortly after in a television advertising campaign for RE/MAX. The slogan associated with the balloon is “Above The Crowd®” (Gmerek, 2013). The RE/MAX hot air balloon became such an integral part of the RE/MAX brand that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Perfect Day In High School

    It was the largest, most thrilling roller coaster yet to be found. I didn't believe it but knowing my best friend Prisa she was not gonna let me miss out on as she would always say, “once in a lifetime opportunities”. It was a hot, sunny day as the sun lit up the whole park. The blunt air had no wind or even a soft gentle breeze. It was just plain old humid and to add on to that, we were crowded with a solid 200 people in the line, okay that's a little over exaggerated but you get the point. The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up With Water And Gas

    got out water balloon and bopper balloons , they started to fill them up with water. Jaylen and I were going to walk to our grandpa and grandma’s camper to ask for the gator keys , but they were laying out on the table in front of the camper so we grab them. Afterwards we got into the gator and started it and went off with it. We all got 3 buckets full of water balloon and bopper balloon , Ross got out to open the gate, then he jump back in the gator after got we got in there , I had to jump out…

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