Nile River Valley Civilization Essay

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Ever since man, we wondered about our origin, so our advances in technology allows Anthropologist to answer this lingering question. Early civilizations, discovered in the 1800’s, were found along the Nile River and other areas just northeast of Africa. The early civilizations were diverse in particular ways, but had similarities too. The political, social, and institutions of these areas will be analyzed further, because ideas eventually developed to form better civilizations in the future. The Nile River Valley was one of the first successful civilizations, because of their fertile land that allowed people to settle and farm, instead of living a nomadic lifestyle. A gift from the God’s – Polytheistic worship – were believed to be the annual floods of the Nile. The annual floods ensured that farmers had enough food and nutrients to grow an adequate amount of food. Mesopotamia was also another thriving civilization. The word Mesopotamia means “between two rivers”, and these two rivers are Euphrates and Tigris. The Fertile Crescent, was indeed the best area to start a civilization, because of the fertile land. This is one of the reasons why Mesopotamia was considered a place of awe. The area had enough food, so the people used their energy to build amazing structures, …show more content…
They has similar social classes, government influenced by their religion, both were polytheistic worshippers, and views on the importance of women. They left different artifacts and legacies behind that affect our everyday life. The view on life after death were in contrast with the civilizations, and Mesopotamia’s downfall was more complicated, because of the different people in control of the area between the Tigris and Euphrates River. If we study both of the civilizations, then we should be able to learn more about the origin of our beginnings and how it developed the world as we know

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