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  • Before Marriage Is A Blessing The Coptic Orthodox Church

    “ Wait until Marriage, Don’t have sex till you 're married!” Growing up in church and Christian families, these things have been drilled into our brains at every youth meeting and retreats. People were made to be sexual beings, equipped for holding and making more eras of human life. However, after the sin committed by Adam and Eve, God 's creation was damaged and then, individuals have been abusing God 's endowment of sexuality. In past times, sexuality was criticized and frowned upon before marriage. In present days, our sex-inundated society makes it hard to oppose sexual allurement. The church teaches us that only through marriage are we to have sex with out partners for the reasons God created sexual desires. Sex is meant to be a blessing…

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  • Coptic Community Reflective Essay

    Because I am a Coptic Orthodox Christian, my religion and culture have always been intertwined. However, I used to view my education as apart from them, as there was only one other Copt in my high school and there were none in my elementary or middle school. When I began this semester at NJIT, I realized that I had been missing something for the past thirteen years of my schooling. In just a matter of weeks, I found myself at home within the Coptic community here. I have recognized a few of its…

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  • Egypt Open Door Policy Essay

    In The Committee by Sun’Allah Ibrahim, the open-door policy has resulted in an economic and social dependency on the Western world as Egyptians pride themselves in using American and European commodities and global ideals they believe will enrich and improve their lives and country; however, in reality these are detrimental to their society. Through the diversification of Western commodities into Egypt, Egyptians lose their self-sufficiency and nationalist values, allowing the Western world to…

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  • Christian Persecution In Russia

    Persecution of Christians is very common in Russia. Russia was for a long time a communist state and anyone who thought that the Orthodox church wasn’t the only religion was imprisoned. Russia has many historical times and moments in it’s history but what caught my sight was the persecution of Christians. In this research paper I want to talk about how they were treated, what happened to some of the Christians imprisoned and what it was like being a Christian during the times of communism in…

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  • Eastern Culture

    Here it is Professor, and sorry about the confusion. "Also, of the 5,000 of the Russian community, the most popular religion to follow are the Russian Orthodox Church, Islam, or Christianity."—Of the 5,000 religious Russian community, they are either part of the Russian Orthodox Church, Islam, or Christianity community. About the Culture The Eastern culture that I chose for this week’s assignment is the Russian culture. Geographically, Russia is the largest country in the world. About…

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  • Church Observation

    I associate myself to be Christian, Baptist to be exact. The Church I attended on Sunday the 23rd of October is called St. Michaels Archangel Church in downtown Greenville. Their religion is Coptic Orthodox and in comparison to my own church, it was very different. The Coptic Orthodox Church I attended was very traditional and so much was happening. To compare their Church to my own church, I will briefly describe the procedures and beliefs of my own. There are usually 2-3 services offered…

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  • Essay On Russian Intellectual

    This paper is about Russian Intellectuals. There are a lot of things to talk about on this topic, but to save some time here is a short list of the information. First is what the word intellectuals is and how it was for the people and government of Russia. Second would be about the first Intelligently and how it started, under the Soviet rule and many other things. Third would be about Russia’s Intellectual problem or problems, and fourth is Origins of Russian Intellectual Culture. Fifth and…

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  • Polytheism In Greece

    However, polytheism is seen as a cult following (Nardo 46) whereas, the church is viewed as a religion (History in Dispute 47). Polytheism had a strong government influence, as did the church but the church was suppressed by the government. Both methods of worship were similar, despite Christianity’s underground practices. Polytheism and Christianity defined the country and helped to bring a sense of community to their followers that made the country a…

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  • Research Paper About My Giovanomia

    She loved her new house and spend the next ten years living in St Peter's until she met my παππού. This house meant a lot to her father because he worked very hard in Sydney and Perth. She attended Arncliffe Girls High School and then went on to tertiary education at Ultimo TAFE and did science and theory in hairdressing. ”Sydney was better economically and was more developed compared to Perth, Sydney was more established than what Perth was at the time, there was a big difference between the…

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  • My Greek Heritage Essay

    even Greek. I was so immersed in my Greek heritage that I did not learn until I was older that I was also part German and Norwegian. I am not sure why that is. The only reason I can come up with is that we still have contact with our family that remains in Greece; whereas, I am not aware of any family we have in Germany or Norway. We have never been a particularly religious family. Even though there was a heavy emphasis on my Greek heritage, we did not attend the Greek Orthodox Church. My…

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