Polytheism In Greece

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The presence of religion in Greece has often defined it and its people. Polytheism is one of the earliest forms of religion that had influence in Greek life. It is defined as the belief in several deities and can be seen in several religions. Christianity was introduced into Greek society but did not gain popularity in Greece until the late 1800s. Christianity is the belief in one god and the messiah, Jesus Christ. Polytheism and Christianity in Greece differed in their follower’s social life, government involvement, and means of worship.
Social groups in Greece were a major reason for the success and spread of the polytheistic faith. “All social groups were also religious unions. . .” (Nardo 225). Ultimately, the involvement in any group in Greek group meant a strong allegiance to the many Olympic gods. The Olympic Games originated as a series of competitions to pay tribute to the gods in a formal setting (Nardo 432). The presence of the polytheistic religion in Greece was important to the people, who then dedicated a substantial portion of their lives’ to worship. This demonstrates how the involvement in the religion was necessary in order to be taken seriously as a citizen of Greece.
The foundation of polytheism was laid by the government’s money and support for worship and religion. The government as a whole was responsible for the expense of
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However, polytheism is seen as a cult following (Nardo 46) whereas, the church is viewed as a religion (History in Dispute 47). Polytheism had a strong government influence, as did the church but the church was suppressed by the government. Both methods of worship were similar, despite Christianity’s underground practices. Polytheism and Christianity defined the country and helped to bring a sense of community to their followers that made the country a

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