Christian Persecution In Russia

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Persecution of Christians is very common in Russia. Russia was for a long time a communist state and anyone who thought that the Orthodox church wasn’t the only religion was imprisoned. Russia has many historical times and moments in it’s history but what caught my sight was the persecution of Christians. In this research paper I want to talk about how they were treated, what happened to some of the Christians imprisoned and what it was like being a Christian during the times of communism in Russia. Russia for a long time was under communism. There was no religious freedom. The government controlled everybody and everything.Every religion that wasn’t Orthodox Christianity, was persecuted. In the article restrictions on religions get uneven …show more content…
The Christians usually had their services late at night not to call attention. The windows of the house they gathered in were covered with cloth so that no one could see that they are gathering there. In the book Forgive Me Natasha the author gives us a good idea of what these attacks looked like. The author explains how one of the attacks happened,”here -someone shouted, and pointed to the underlying timber. With him, after several attempts, we broke down the door. In our boiling rage”. ( Kurdakov 131) They ran into the room and looking back at them were frightened people, and a few children. This made them even more aggressive. They ran in and started beating everyone they saw. The pastor was standing there in dismay, with his precious bible in his hand. One of the spies saw him and took the bible away from him and started tearing the ages out of the bible. The pastor started pleading him and asking him to stop, but he just laughed and punched him in the face. The pastor reached for the bible, but the spy hit him and he fell to the …show more content…
The would get a group of about ten strong and trained men for the attack. First the officer in charge would tell them where to go and what to do. Then they would go to that house and put the ambush into action. The Christians in their religion believe that God is there to protect them. They walked in and saw about fifteen people praying on their knees.The commander gave us his people a command to attack. The author explains, “ then we floated our clubs, from what people fell without consciousness and couldn’t get back up. Our boxers mutilated their faces beyond recognition” . (Kurdakov 143) The commander 's people hit these people with clubs and there fists. There was a few elderly people in the room, but this didn’t stop them, they even hit the elderly people and smashed one of the young girls that was there against the wall. These people didn’t have and shame or conscience.
The persecution of Christians is worldwide not only in Russia. People get treated horribly just because of their religious beliefs. Russia was a communist state for a long time and didn’t want any other religion than Orthodox Christianity. They thought that the Christians were their enemies because they ‘betrayed’ Russia’s main religion. The Christians were counted as enemies, and weren’t able to do anything, like get a job or go to school. They were put into prison

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