Before Marriage Is A Blessing The Coptic Orthodox Church

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“ Wait until Marriage, Don’t have sex till you 're married!” Growing up in church and Christian families, these things have been drilled into our brains at every youth meeting and retreats. People were made to be sexual beings, equipped for holding and making more eras of human life. However, after the sin committed by Adam and Eve, God 's creation was damaged and then, individuals have been abusing God 's endowment of sexuality. In past times, sexuality was criticized and frowned upon before marriage. In present days, our sex-inundated society makes it hard to oppose sexual allurement. The church teaches us that only through marriage are we to have sex with out partners for the reasons God created sexual desires. Sex is meant to be a blessing …show more content…
The sacredness of marriage is the foundation of sexual ethical quality. The Bible regards sex in marriage as a good gift from God (1 Corinthians 7:7). The Bible says, "Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good" (Genesis 1:31). So the male-female difference, the reproductive process, and the desires allied with it is part of the good world created by the Great …show more content…
My parents, born and raised in an Egyptian orthodox community haven’t had sex before marriage. It was highly frowned upon in their society, even till now. At the same time, they didn’t even know each other. Their family members knew each other and thought that they’d make a good couple, which they were good for each other and so they met. They got engaged and four months after they got married. Sex beforehand was a factor to show each other love, nor was having a huge love story to get married either. Their unity through sex and building a home together has made them very happy and have a great household, being together now for about twenty years.
I had interviewed my RD. I had asked her what she thought out sex pre-marriage and the meaning of sex after marriage. She responded, “ No, I believe sex is met for after marriage. This is the way I’d grow up and how the church views it. Sex is a sacred thing for a husband and wife to unite; to go around it before would discredit the sacredness. It would fall apart because there would be no covenant between them. Having sex in the eyes of God is seen as being married”.
Sexuality shouldn’t be a prohibited subject, but we need the right attitude when speaking about it. Sexual interaction is holy – a promise that brings a married couple closer as well as God. Sex is a gift from God, proposing that through the holiness

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