Gender Stereotypes In Sex Without Love

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Sex is a very intimate action, which involves two consenting persons. In recent years, sex before marriage has become more common, yet, many believe that it is impossible to have sex without catching feelings for the other person, especially women. Women in today’s society are constantly used by men for sex and not for a loving relationship. Numerous men view women as easily emotionally attached to people, which contributes to the stereotype. It is because of this action towards women, that many men feel that women cannot have sex without love. However, by examining the religious and gender stereotypes concerning women on “Sex without Love”, the reader discovers how sex without love is actually possible for women, as well as men. Throughout Old’s poem, the speaker discusses how appalling sex without love is. The …show more content…
Almost as if the speaker is disgusted by the fact that so many men do this to women. The speaker then goes on to ask “How do they come to the/ come to the come to the God come to the/ still waters and not love/ the one who came there with them” (Lines 8-11). This asks how do people claim to be religious, yet still go against what is stated in the Bible about marriage and sex. In the time period of Old’s poem, premarital sex was widely frowned upon, however, in today’s society, more and more people are having sex outside of marriage despite the religious aspects concerning marriage. Many religious groups are still working to fight premarital sex because of how “it promotes promiscuity, can lead to emotional scarring, may result in unwanted pregnancies—and, most important, tarnishes the sanctity of marriage” (Toro). How is one to know if sex outside of marriage will tarnish sex had inside of marriage? Sex outside of marriage and inside of marriage are basically

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