Sociocultural Influence On Sexuality

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What we understand to be true about sexuality begins to ingrain itself in our person since the time we are born. At a young age, our parents influence our beliefs on sexuality by teaching us what is right or wrong for our gender. Over time, our peers and the media contribute to our understanding of our own sexuality as well as others’ sexuality. We are taught and socialized to follow societal norms or otherwise be faced with the possibility of being viewed negatively by others. Impositions by one 's society and culture aid in determining our attitudes towards sex and the perceived role of sexual activity in individuals. The development of sexuality is attributed to many causes and will be thusly discussed in this paper.
Sociocultural Expectations
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Different religions within different societies have created moral codes independent of other religions that are created to guide a person’s sexual activities and practices. The belief that sex is a sacred act and should only be performed between a man and a woman after marriage has been a very strong moral code imposed by religion in the United States. This has contributed to the negative views towards homosexual individuals, as sex would not be between a man and a woman. Other cultures and religions emphasize that sexual behaviors should only be for procreation purposes only, emphasizing control over sexual desires. Peers and family also contribute to sexual behaviors. We do not want our family or peers to view us negatively or as abnormal for not following the norms of our social groups. Acceptance is a key factor in development of sexual identity, because fears of rejection may prevent an individual from expressing their true selves. Media is also a major contributor to development of sexual behaviors. If one were to compare the media fifty years ago with media today, one could see a gaining acceptance towards those who do not necessarily fit the typical …show more content…
For a long time the United States was very pure regarding sex. There were much more strict laws governing censorship in movies and there were bans created against pornography as well. Over time, sex became much more accustomed by society and accepted by others. This led to an increased production of pornography and a greater interest in engaging in sex for pleasure. Pornography influences how we see sexuality in a few ways. One of which is that pornography portrays women as being overly sexual beings. If a younger individual were to view porn prior to experiencing sex themselves, they may expect a lot of things out of their partner based upon what they saw in pornography. Prostitution treats sex as something that can be purchased and that anyone can have sex with the right amount of money. This could potentially lead to issues regarding what a person believes to be true about how sex really is and makes sex itself much less intimate. The idea of selling sex reinforces the idea that men should view women as objects instead of as a

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