The Importance Of Writings In Mesopotamia

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Hence, the Mesopotamian stamped the clay token on a flat clay tablet. The advantages of this method were it was easier to count the tokens and can be served as evidence of purchase, which w2. How, when and why did writing arise in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Anatolia, and how was this process similar and different in these three regions?

The writings left by ancient civilisations allowed archaeologists to discover the history and linguists to learn ancient languages. However, the writings used in the past, and still used now, were a communication method between people and cities. The Rosetta Stone, Bisutun Inscription and Amarna tablets are examples of thousands of writings found from historical site. The fact that illiterate rate is high among
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Most inscriptions on stone monuments in Egypt were written in hieroglyphs. It should be noted that, hieroglyphs were more elaborated than cuneiform because of the role it played in monumental art. Still, it was used for official documents, in the Book of the Dead and written on coffins in tombs. For some reasons, hieroglyphs also written on papyrus or wood by using brush. The form of each letters were drawn perfectly and takes high concentrations to wrote it carefully. The hieroglyphs on paper were done in black ink and red ink for titles or important words. In addition, hieroglyphs also used determinatives to help the reader to clarify the meaning of the word. This was because the Egyptian hieroglyphs only used consonants to form a …show more content…
A faster writing was invented. It was demotic, appeared in Third Intermediate period around 700 BCE. Demotic consists of the most simplified signs derived from hieroglyphs and hieratic which became almost abstract symbols. This writing did not use pictographs or pictures at all. It was used when efficiency is needed rather than being beautiful particularly to record the everyday language of accounts, administration texts, and letters.
Finally, after the death of the last pharaoh Cleopatra, Egypt became a Roman province. This allowed the spread of Christian religion and by 4 CE, it had become the main religion in Egypt. The old writing system that related to ancient Egypt; hieroglyph, hieratic and demotic were abandoned because of its relationship with the ancient Egypt religion. Although the Christian Egyptians saw these three writings as unnecessary and associated with paganism, they still use Egyptian language in their conversation. Hence, they invented Coptic to write the Egyptian language using the Greek

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