The Chasuble Of Cardinal Borghese

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1: The burial crypt really intrigued me and got my attention. I kept thinking about who came up with the idea to build it, what they constructed it to look like, and just how it all came together.
2: I also wanted to know why they went with marble. It’s kind of an odd thought but i kept staring at the stonework and just kept wondering what made the architect chose that stone along with that color of marble and not a different look.

Part 2: Find Fifteen (15) artifacts and explain what they were used for, and why they struck you. (See slideshow..)
Write about four things that you saw and wondered about, and would like to know more about.
Write about one things that really touched you personally, and why you think it did. Write a brief summary
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It’s a white and gold piece with these really intriguing designs and it just caught my eye.
2: The Chalice of Saint John Paul II is the second thing wondered about. This chalice had gems and silver in it and it was just making me think what it was used for and things of that nature.
3: The Dalmatic of Saint Pius V is another thing that caught my eye. It looked like a native american tribe sweater. This really puzzled me and i wanted to know what it was used for and if it was worn regularly.
4: Lastly the Miter of Saint Pius V. I just wanted to know what this symbolizes and what its significance is.

1: The Chi Rho really I think is the only thing that touched me personally. I think just hearing about it in class I remember taking the notes for that particularly because I thought it was going to be important on a test. Then a couple months later I was seeing it in person and it was just cool to see the connection from the class into the real
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Seeing and reading about these things in person I think gives you a better understanding on these artifacts. Also you won't really get to feel anything by reading about the cathedral. Going there and experiencing that was a different feeling. You get to really see how beautiful it is inside of there and i just don't think you can bet that from a book or photos. I saw things i will never forget and i think that's something i gained from the

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