Art Analysis: The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh

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Being able to experience the artwork The Bedroom by Vincent van Gogh was truly incredible. A person should take the opportunity to be able to experience a visit to an art museum because it is incredible to see so many different types of artwork. A person simply can not get everything out of a piece of artwork by simply look at their phone. There are many important visual and design elements that are incorporated to this piece of artwork. Each of them have a specific role on what they achieve to the viewer.
The subject matter of The Bedroom is that Van Gogh wanted to create a scene of a bedroom. Van Gogh created this representational art to show his viewers of a room that he might of loved, or he lived in. This room is three-dimensional by
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The pieces flows smoothly by there not being anything that is standing out, or may make the piece not seem like it is of a still life. Based on how the composition of the piece, it looks like someone made the room nice in clean, or that no one is staying in it because there doesn't appear to be any life to make the room dirty. The medium of the work is canvas and the materials of the work give it an unique look. It does this by how the oil paint used make the piece seem more as if it was in a cartoon rather than just a traditional still life painting. It also allowed Van Gogh to be able to make his piece have a lot of detail in …show more content…
There is a balance of unity and variety in the piece. There is unity in the piece by how the walls are all the same color and the flooring is the same, and there is variety in the room by how the piece has pictures of the artwork on the wall that seems to be a little crooked, and the chairs being tilted. There appears to be a pattern in the floor in the piece The Bedroom just like real hardwood flooring has. There is balance in this piece by how there is a window in the room, and how there are two of the same types of chairs in the room. The room is asymmetric by if a person were to cut the piece in half, it would not be the same on both sides, so the piece does have asymmetric balance. I think the emphasis is the bed by how there is bright red sheets on the bed, and this can also be the focal point of the piece too. The subordination in the piece could be the walls of the room by how they are just a plain

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