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Minneapolis Institute of Arts Museum Visit
Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a fine art museum that has at least 3 000 different works of art from different parts of the world. The museum started in 1883, initially; it was, identified as Minneapolis Institute of Arts before changing to its current name. MIA is, situated on an eight acres piece of land at Whitter in Minnesota on a campus. The museum is government funded institute and does not charge an entrance fee for patrons. Researchers and scholars can photograph the different works of art without any form of restrictions as long as their purpose for the photographs academic-oriented. This paper will discuss eight different images from eight different locations based on their themes as well as photographs and images from Exhibition 100+ and Exhibition American Modernism. The different artwork for discussion in the paper comes from China, Italy, and Cyprus.
The eight artworks from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts were quite fascinating and poignant for me in terms of their richness in history, culture, religion, and nature. Every piece that I picked held a special message and an emblem of information that put into perspective that I learned in class. For
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Though found in Italy, the Tiber Muse statue has some level of history on it incorporating two nations at the same time. I though art scales down to individual creativity and imagination. However, with the Tiber Muse, the existence of duality in it gives it a certain prominence that befits discovery. The issue of classism and education presents a very significant point of history regarding the people of Italy. In the Tiber Muse figure, the silent suggestion hints that Greeks are the best sculptures in the art of fine art and artwork as a whole, the reason Romans do not want to leave them alone even after conquering them for many years in the 3rd century

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