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  • Analysis Of Mama In A Raisin In The Sun

    to reality, Travis Younger, the naive child, Beneatha Younger, the overachiever and outspoken feminist, and Lena Younger who is also regarded as Mama, the glue and head of the family. Over the course of the play, we learn that the family receives insurance money due the death of Mama’s husband, however, misfortune strikes the family when Walter, the son, loses the money when he foolishly invest it into opening a liquor store. Although Walter lost Mama’s money, instead acting predictably such as in a fit of rage, she forgives Walter. Compared to the play and the 1961 film, Mama’s portrayal in the 2008 film version of A Raisin in the Sun is the most compelling because it clearly depicts her as forgiving and loving, which contributes to the growth of the family and its ability to bounce back in difficult times. Mama’s forgiveness and the actor casted as Mama gives her a tenderness and a gentle touch in the 2008 film adaptation . At the end of the play, incoherent, a shattered man, and bumbling into the house, Walter breaks the news that the he let the insurance money slip out of his hand, but Mama refrains from hitting and instead sheds tears and embraces him. Because she shed tears, it reveals that she feels sorrowful not only for the family and herself but also for Walter, and it showcases the empathy she holds for Walter and takes his feelings into consideration. This reveals she believes that her son doesn’t deserve to be treated like trash even though he did made an…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Public Speaking Class

    I’ll openly admit that I was terrified at first of the thought of taking another public speaking class. After having taken it in high school, I believed my time taking such a course was over. But I was wrong. I was told that it was a college requirement and was absolutely essential that I take another public speaking course. Fast forward to now and here I am, finally having taken the class in what is now the summer before my senior year of college. With the class over now it is time to reflect.…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Separation Of Church And State

    It was March 20, 2014, I was sitting in the office under a picture depicting General George Washington commanding the continental army, the secretaries busy at work, talking, laughing and drinking their cold, bitter coffee. Why was I here? What had I done? What were they going to do to me? was all I could manage to think while sitting in that beige, swivel chair. As I was parked in that seat, going through everything I had done in the past week, nothing I could think of rendered punishable.…

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  • Reflection On You Read To Me

    (Flint, 2008, p. 5) Despite that my childhood story isn 't reflective of real reading, it demonstrates how social interaction impacts learning. I believe other children can benefit from learning from one another, as I benefited from another child. Yes, it’s great to send the struggling readers to the specialist, but how about pairing the children for 15 minutes with an on-level or beyond-level peer, and then spending the rest of the time with the specialist? Also, why not use the inquiry model…

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  • Notre Dame Mission Statement

    Final Arch is a class designed for all incoming freshman to take. The class teaches you all about Notre Dame, Catholicism, how to make it through four years alive and we had a little fun along the way. I will admit that I really did not want to take this class; I thought that it would be a waste of time and money. Contrary to what I thought I really enjoyed and was glad that I took this class. We talked about many different concepts over the semester. Three stood out to me the work of the…

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  • 2008 Film Wall-E, A Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

    In the 2008 film Wall-e, a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class is the last of its kind cleaning up garbage that has inhabited planet Earth. He is one of the robots sent out on Operation Clean Up to rid the Earth of the waste while the humans are out in space waiting for it to be safe to return home. During the film Wall-e comes across EVE (extraterrestrial vegetable evaluator), who is sent to Earth on a mission to scan for living proof in Earth. Throughout the film we observe how sociology…

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  • My First Black President

    was achieve Obama’s vision of universal healthcare. The most profound principle I took away from the film was that getting ideas, bills, laws, etc. put into action is a strenuous, long process, even for the President. While I was aware that Presidents had restrictions on how they implement their ideas and had to go through the others to do so, I was not aware of how difficult it is to actually achieve that. The amount of layers of people one must go through to even head in the right direction…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Privilege In American Society

    Mustafa Emirbayer write “You do not come into this world African or European or Asian; rather this world comes into you” (336). This world of race came to me when I heard the kids in my class say “The world is going to end!” and “He’s [Obama] going to bomb the country!”, during the 2008 presidential election season. There is a strong chance that I could be wrong, but maybe a bunch of ten year olds truly had strong political opinions on the 2008 election. But if I am going to be perfectly honest…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Eulogy And Usher's Chains

    A Rhetorical Analysis: Compare and Contrast the Rhetorical Appeals and Techniques used in Obama’s Eulogy and Usher’s song “Chains” President Barack Obama, in his eulogy for Reverend Pinckney delivers an emotional speech that left many in tears and inspired, inspired to make change. Obama’s speech was intended towards all citizens of the United States, especially the victimized families and people of South Carolina. During his eulogy, Obama praises the great man that Reverend Pinckney was and…

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  • Importance Of National Image

    (2009) ‘Reframing national image: A methodological framework’, 8(2) • Kim,H. (2012) The importance of nation brand. Available at: http://www.culturaldiplomacy.org/pdf/case-studies/Hwajung_Kim_The_Importance_of_Nation_Brand.pdf • Newton, P. and Patterson, T. (2015) the girl in the picture: Kim Phuc’s journey from war to forgiveness. Available at: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/22/world/kim-phuc-where-is-she-now/ • Krieg, G. (2016) Anthony Bourdain, Obama dine in Vietnam. Available at:…

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