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  • Bill Clinton Impeachment

    controversy and interest in the 2016 presidential primaries, it may be time to look back at possibly the most controversial scandal in recent memory. On January 7, 1999, for the second time in United States history the Senate began impeachment proceedings against a sitting president. William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton), the 42nd President of the United States of America, was impeached in the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998; and then later acquitted after a Senate trial on February 12, 1999. This event would have repercussions that still ripple in American politics today. The 1990’s marked one of the most prosperous and stable; their cold war adversary, the Soviet Union, had buckled…

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  • Bill Clinton Persuasive Techniques

    Bill Clinton is noted as one of the most successful presidents of all time. Coming from the small town of Hope, Arkansas Bill would go on to become the governor of Arkansas in the late 1970s. He announced he would be running for president in 1992. With the backing of Al Gore as his running mate he would go on to win the popular vote with only a forty six percent split between himself and George H.W. Bush. He had a reputation that would proceed him and ultimately overshadow most of the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Bill Obama And Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton vs. Barack Obama Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both popular presidents, whose came from a middle class income family and a minority group of people. Bill Clinton a first "baby boomer" generation (people born after the communist war) to become president, and Barack Obama, first African American to become president, were especially both good on domestic affairs and came up with same important policies about domestic affairs ( health care reform and economic recovery). In fact,…

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  • Bill Clinton Research Paper

    As all Americans know William Jefferson Blythe III Clinton as Bill Clinton, they also know President Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States of America. He was in office for two terms in 1993 through 2001 after the Cold War, which ended 1991. He was the last president in the 20th century. President Clinton was elected president in 1992 and won against George H. W. Bush. I was interested on doing a research paper on President Clinton because he helped Americans who needed health…

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  • Bill Clinton Domestic Policy

    When President Clinton was elected, foreign policy was not something that he was expecting to be employing. Frankly, it was not something that he was at all prepared to do. On inauguration day, he was 46 years old, making him the third-youngest person to hold the oval office. His prior political experience was time as a governor and as the Attorney General for the state. The United States has just finished the Gulf War. He was elected on campaign promises that focused on fixing domestic issues. …

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  • Bill Clinton Argumentative Essay

    promises. The people of America deserves better than that. A candidate should be realistic and not just for the sake of power, throw dust into the eyes of the people. William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton was the 42nd present of the UnitedStates and the first democrat to serve two terms in office since FDR. He did it in the intensity of partisan fighting and various moral lapses that had him on the brink of his demise. None the less Clinton nicknamed himself “the comeback kid” because he was always…

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  • Why Is Bill Clinton Unethical

    Would you want your scandal aired out to the public? All over national Tv, newspaper and word of mouth. That’s what happened to one of our former presidents William Jefferson Clinton, he was a good president who made poor choices concerning his private life, and instead of being honest he lied about his actions which resulted in major consequences. Former president Bill Clinton was born August 19th, 1946, in Hope Arkansas. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton’s father died three months before he…

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  • Bill Clinton Email Summary

    Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private server was known by some officials beyond her closest aides, but no one in the State Department told her directly to use the department’s official email. When two officials in the record-keeping division raised concerns in 2010, their superior “instructed the staff never to speak of the secretary’s personal email system again,” the report said. The report, as well as an F.B.I. investigation and other legal challenges seeking information about her emails, is…

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  • Bill Clinton Domestic Policy Analysis

    ("Cambridge Dictionaries Online (US)"). I will be analyzing the three presidents: Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, on the basis of how strong or limited they were on their domestic policies. Bill Clinton was chosen for being able to balance the budget and bring the unemployment rate down to its’ lowest. William “Bill” Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. He married Hillary Rodham in 1975 and the next year was elected attorney general of Arkansas. In 1978,…

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  • Bill Clinton: The Worst President Of The United States

    president the United States ever had to been William Jefferson Clinton, commonly known as Bill Clinton, the 42nd president from 1993-2001. He was born in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas, and is one of the few one percent that made it from rags to riches. He graduated from Georgetown University, attended Oxford University, and earned a law degree from Yale University (Hamilton, 2003). His profession as a lawyer led to his political career. In 1974, Clinton became a Democratic leader in the U.S. House of…

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