Compare And Contrast Bill Obama And Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton vs. Barack Obama
Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both popular presidents, whose came from a middle class income family and a minority group of people. Bill Clinton a first "baby boomer" generation (people born after the communist war) to become president, and Barack Obama, first African American to become president, were especially both good on domestic affairs and came up with same important policies about domestic affairs ( health care reform and economic recovery). In fact, both Clinton and Obama are great leaders and skillful speaker. Although Clinton has succeed to the economic expansion, but I prefer Obama because of his accomplishment on health care reform and his effort to rebuild the economy.
Therefore, Bill Clinton first duty as a president was to establish a most prosper economic plan and to get into the peak of its expansion because of the highly deficit budgetary in United States. However, Clinton convinced Congress to increase taxes on upper class or wealthy people and to reduce government spending which generally hurt lower class people. This economic plan lowered the deficit and finally
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Contrary to Clinton, Obama plan failed due to the disapproval of Senate because they were in disaccord with the way to reduce the deficit by increasing taxes on high income people and household, and reducing government spending which would also hurt people with lower income. Then, Obama and Congress create a "super committee" whose goal was to identify the amount of federal deficit to reduce by increasing taxes and cutting government spending. The negotiation failed, too. Because, Republicans disagree about cutting defense budget and Democrats also disagree on reducing government spending. President Obama failed his plan of restoring the federal deficit

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